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The federation mobile infantry die join today

Now that you have joined make your way to the registry office for the last bit of signing up

Welcome troopers to the mobile infantry. We are here to kick bug ass you will shoot anything that has more than two arms and legs do you get me!?

This group is for the StarShip Troopers Mobile Infantry fans do what you like, stories involving the glorious MI or RP with them and add all you wish.

-Sky Marshall Anoke

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I actually liked the Starship Troopers movies. I treated them like tongue-in-cheek parodies. The first was my favorite, though. I read the actual Starship Troopers novel, too. Very good book.

If only captain Dax were here :fluttercry:

343851 Permission to take control of any and all ground forces/ fighters in the immediate area!

343840 Come on, you Pringles! Do you want to live forever?!


Good God. Semper, assemble the fleet. The Dorito federation must be defended! :flutterrage:

Do allow me to lead the assault aboard my flagship, the Iron Galley. :rainbowkiss:

Mi RULE!!!!

So... What's shakin' bacons? :derpytongue2:


:rainbowlaugh: i couldnt find one and seeing as i am the batshit insane sky marshall from no.3 sky marshall himself i thought why not?

343558 Just great! I finally found a Starship Troopers group! :raritycry: The TEARS OF JOY!!! :raritydespair: WHY CAN'T I HOLD THEM?!


Its been good and yay new best friend :pinkiehappy: how you been buddy ol pal

343556 Now you are my #1 friend ever.

How's it been, pal?


Hell yeah why not!!???!!


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