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A place where FIMfiction users can get together and talk about or promote non-MLP fanfiction.
DISCLAIMER: This group DOES NOT promote publishing non-MLP stories on FIMfiction.

There aren't a lot of places on the internet where you can openly discuss fanfiction and not be chastised for liking MLP. Not only that, but the non-MLP fanfiction scene is extremely crowded and it's hard to draw attention to a story unless it's in a relatively small pool; Tom Clancy's EndWar fanfics are few, and Metroid-Fallout crossovers are practically non-existent.

That's why this group exists. Here, we can talk about stories we've read and liked, discuss ideas, promote our own or ones we think deserve more attention. Any and all non-MLP fanfiction discussion is allowed here.

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Comment posted by Alexander Frederickson deleted Jun 21st, 2018

Can someone please check out what I have in the forum?

Anyone know of any Young Justice stories where Artemis ends up hating/leaving the team?


the mother load of creepy pasta's lol.:pinkiecrazy:

335270 Good morning and yes. I would recommend Sqidward's Suicide, a creepypasta I recently read.

hey everyone, just wanted to ask if anyone has read any good fanfiction or creepy pasta's lately.

just wanted to start up a conversation here and to say hello to everyone.

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