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The past can be a difficult thing to think about, as Sunset Shimmer knows all too well. And it seems as though her adopted home has just as much of a troubled background as she has, if not more so. Twilight, who is perhaps the only friend she has who understands what it's like to make truly bad choices, talks with her about it.

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Well said, James. Very well said indeed. *applause*

Penny for your thoughts?" a second voice said to her.

There's no opening quotation marks here.

"Did you know that the school she tried to open was nearly done for because a pony didn't want those other than ponies attending it?"

While blatant racism (specieism?) isn't a good excuse for closing down a school, the fact that none of the proposed staff have teaching degrees and the like is one.
A school without qualified staff is a failed school. Heck, not even Twilight has the necessary credentials, since neither "alicorn" or "princess" equals "school teacher".

10185354 Thanks for pointing out the needed correction 😊

Sunset looked back to her, firmer in her expression. "We can't forget, Twilight...and we shouldn't forget. We may strive to be better than our pasts, but we must never try to forget them. Never try to ignore or sweep under the rug that which we once did. We must stand up, say to the world all the wrong we did, and accept what we used to be, however embarrassing or painful or shameful that might be." Taking a deep breath, her smile grew, and she continued. "As a wise person once said, those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it." She stretched out her hand, offering it to her friend. "So, let's not forget. Let's break the chain...and remember ."

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Really good job on the exchange AND characterizations between Sunset and Sci-Twi in this one-shot. Love the bit of "the grass is always greener" mixed with the good points about history.

Very well written story James. You brought up some very good topics here.

I may not know what the future holds,
But hear me when I say
That my past does not define me,
'Cause my past is not today!

This was pretty powerful: societies, like people, may not have great pasts. But they can strive to be better.

Is the EG world, in your opinion, different from our own in terms of history?

10187819 Well, if it has fictional places (like the town of Canterlot where it's all set), then by default it's going to have a different history. But it's clearly intended to be the real world, or at least as real as it can be with magic running around, so I was acting on the assumption that it's history would at least be similar in the broad strokes.

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