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Scootaloo has considered Rainbow Dash to be her big sister for years now. But on one night particular, she decides to let her in on an embarrassing, endearing secret.

Takes place several years after S3:E6 - Sleepless in Ponyville.
Cover art credit: GloomyMark
Curious about the comments?

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Okay seriously though, this was awesome, but I don't get it; what's going on with Scootaloo? That talk makes it seem like she's going to take her life or something... Why?


Thanks for the comment. :twilightsmile:

As for what's going on, I wrote this to be headcanon-friendly. Does she have cancer? Is she going to have her wings permanently clipped? Heck if I know; it's up to the reader. The only thing I had in mind while writing it was that Scootaloo was about to go through something big and unpleasant. But Rainbow Dash will be there for her, no matter what it is.

That was... That was so freaking beautiful... I loved it! :pinkiesad2:

Thank you for starting my day on a good note. :twilightsmile:

I have a habit of finding feels before bed.....Great story. I love how you did keep it friendly to everyone. Good job.

This goes directly to my favorite folder. Congrats, you've earned a place in my heart

Wait, so is Scootaloo dying or something? :rainbowhuh:


Check the comment back here: 5989864

I went ahead and added this point to the author's notes. Hopefully that'll help other readers in the future. :twilightblush:

Sad fanfics are the best kind in my opinion, and this probably one of my favourite one-shots. Although the ambiguity of what exactly the trial is that Scootaloo is heading into is admittedly a bit unpleasant for me, the quality of the writing and the emotions make this story a winner in my book. The feels are real! :pinkiesad2:
Wonderful job! :yay:

Ugh I would of comment how awesome this story was AGES
Ago but nope
Gawd dam signing key doesnt allow me too
But on a side note
This was a great story A seriously who doesnt love scoots and dash storys
There the best characters...Not to ship...no

Oh gawd... why did I clcik on this?
I regret everything, I want to cry now... so hard ;v; oh that author's note man... jesus D'X
I'm going to imagine she's just having life or death Surgery, and she'll come out fine... that's all //criez//

I love it, nicely done... nicely done.

You adding the cancer part in the author's note made it so I cant think of a different event that would spark this kind of reaction. You have ruined my view on life. Thank you kind sir. Also this song seemed to fit for me https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=45&v=pnxmi5KNjAc


Because of this comment, I'm stuck hearing this song every time I think of the end. And I'm alright with that.


The warm fuzzies have been doubled!!!!

Heart beat irregular!
Vision blurring!
Left arm numb!
Slight head ache, loss of appetite...
I'm dying of d'awwws

Am i the only who read one of the last lines here? everyone's like "Scootaloo dies, she has cancer bla bla bla." But if you read the 7th line from the bottom, you'll read why they're being so sappy. Nonetheless, great story, characters were accurate, feels were had. Loved it.


Those comments were about the original version of the story. This has been edited since those comments, though you can find the original version via the link in the description. Glad you liked this! :twilightsmile:

I was confused at fist but I started crying at the end great story

I got all emotional and teary-eyed for tonsil-pulling?


(awesome story)

I actually rather liked the simplistic surface conflict in this. Something like that can be rather intimidating for some people, both young and old. Great job on turning something like that into a great story that develops both Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash further as characters and sisters.

This earns a favorite and an thumbs up from me!

Well done! Me thinks I'll have to read your other stories.

This story:
-wat! laugh.

It doesn't make sense for them to be having a conversation about Scoots missing out on adulthood if she's not actually dying. I mean, I suppose it is possible to die from complications from having your tonsils pulled, but it's not a big enough risk that she should be putting her affairs in order and stuff.

Still, good writing.


That is true. The implication here is supposed to be that Scoots is, in fact, nervous about the operation. Maybe it's her first? Maybe she just doesn't like surgery? In any case, that's why she asked Dash for a storm, why she's telling her now about the way she feels about it, just in case something does happen regardless of how far-fetched the idea is. Then again, Dash's reaction is a bit more emotional than even her own implies, so near the end, she gets to tease her about it.

In hindsight, I wish I had made the implications clearer at the end, perhaps through some sort of further bonding. (e.g. Scoots confides that she's scared of the surgery after Dash teases her for having her make a storm) In any case, I feel it still stands strongly enough as it is without swinging to any extreme of emotions.

My biggest hope is that the ending doesn't undercut the sad tone of the fic for most readers. I still need to harvest those feelz. :scootangel:

6408166 Still plenty of feels. Actually, having a happy ending on a sad fic makes me able to enjoy the feels more, since I don't end up hating you at the end. I will also admit that oral surgery is scarier than :pinkiecrazy:

Given that Scootaloo's surgery was just for getting her tonsil's pulled, and the way the conversation between the two of them goes, I think this fits the "Slice of Life" tag more than it does the "Sad" tag..


Awesome story. Really liked it a lot. :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::scootangel:

Author Interviewer

I feel trolled. :facehoof:


The appropriate response. :trollestia:

It thought Scootaloo was dying or something. I was like, it's probably cancer, it's always cancer.
Then it was getting your tonsils pulled. Never had it happen to me but it's probably not that bad.

Comment posted by The wandering commenter deleted Feb 3rd, 2017

I downloaded this onto my phone so I could agonize over this fic every single day. You absolutely killed this! I adore this! It’s so fantastic! Plus Rainbow and Scoots are totally sisters/ mother/daughter to me! I just love seeing them together like this! :raritydespair: YOU GAVE ME ALL THE DAMN FEELS. Keep it coming! You’re awesome!

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