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Im here for two very important people scootaloo and dash snuff said

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Thanks.^^ I was fascinated by the idea of writing a story where Trouble Shoes is an actual criminal and the rest went from there.^^

Kinda yea, its usually either taking the initiative in Scootabelle stories or her being 100% fine with it. More specifically in your story you had Sweetie being the strong one while Scootaloo was begging to go home (course it evened out later). Its nothing major but its refreshing


Does Scootaloo get described as invincible and fearless in so many fanfictions? I have never seen any like that.
But it makes me happy that you think it's underrated, hearing that feels good.^^

Its a great and underrated story, even if I got to it a little bit late. I just like how you dint make Scootaloo some invincible fearless filly. It was nice seeing the two act just as kids

Thank you for favouriting "The Searchers"! :scootangel:

  • Viewing 6 - 10 of 10
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