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After a day full of excitement, and a sleepover at Rainbow's, Scootaloo is brought above Canterlot to witness the princesses lower the moon and raise the sun. As Rainbow shares how she first came across the perfect vantage point, Scootaloo is yet again reminded of what she lacks. Her feelings, bottled-up throughout the years of frustration and envy, finally explode in a nervous breakdown.

It's up to Rainbow to remind the filly just how strong and awesome she really is.


Cover art by the insanely talented Chiweee.

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Wrote on a whim on a train (more than one, actually :twilightblush:) to work. Definitely nothing new, you must have seen the exact premise a million times before... :ajsleepy:
Fun fact: this story was also a little exercise, to write a self-contained short in under 2K words. Obviously, I failed miserably... :facehoof:

A picture is worth one thousand words... Or so they say. This picture, by the incredibly talented MrArdilla, is worth more than my entire story:


And it would make a killer cover, too. Alas, MrArdilla specifically requested not to use the picture for any story other than it was made for, so, well...:scootangel: I at least hope linking it in the comment is fine, just because it's awesome and incredibly spot on. :raritywink:

Awww, just, aww, that was a great story, nice job.


I'm starting to think this image is the first thing that shows up on a google search for Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash. Brb, gonna check.



As no surprise to anyone, it is.

Post Reading: Lazy pic belays the well written story within. It doesn't do anything too different other than to show how a good execution of these two being adorable can look like. Hope others give the story its due and find out for themselves how well these two keep each other going.

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Thanks. :twilightsmile:

Just remember that there's no such thing as the same search result for any two people in google. Google knows so much about any of us that the results it serves you are always personalized. :raritywink:

I found the artist of the cover. Wanna ask her for permission?

Wow that was a beautiful story and I found myself tearing up multiple times

Thank you. The effect is not intended, probably, as my heart has turned to stone long ago. :pinkiecrazy:

And Chiweee has agreed to use the picture. :pinkiehappy: Thanks again for finding her for me.

I used to be a sensitive person and the world is quite cruel. You can either grow immune to its cruelty or end up in an asylum, I guess... :pinkiehappy:

My ONE issue with the story is that most of it is in italics, making it a bit hard to read.

Ffffffuuu... Thanks for pointing it out. It's obviously a broken tag somewhere. :facehoof:
By the time you read this comment it should have long been fixed. Thanks again.:pinkiesmile:

Why, thank you. :twilightsmile:

I teared up a little.:fluttercry:

Sorry. :twilightblush: And thank you.

Hey I think I found a continuity issue. :rainbowhuh:

"By the time I finished securing what was left of my cloudominium, it was already dawning, and... Yeah, that's when I saw the princesses." Rainbow glances at the palace towers, her eyes distant, a warm smile brightening her face.

If that story happened before she moved to Ponyville then Princess Luna would still have been sealed away so Rainbow Dash would've only seen Celestia.
Other than that I enjoyed this quite a bit. Good job :scootangel:

Egad, you's so right. :pinkiegasp: Let me just patch it...
There, good as new. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for pointing that out, and for your warm words. :pinkiesmile:

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