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Meet my OC: Trouble Maker. Also known as, the Tyrant Pony. His story will be coming soon. If you have any questions for him, he has a Tumblr ask blog.



When Rainbow Dash's special somepony leaves her, she falls into a funk. Luckily, Fluttershy knows how to get her out of it, but it requires trust.

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She knew that her friend had just found out that her coltfriend from the Wonderbolts had just left her for some mare from Manehatten, and she wasn't sure if Rainbow Dash wanted to be alone or not.

This sentence could use a rewrite. I had a very hard time reading it.

A pegasus' wing hug is said to be the softest and most comfortable hug in the world. However, few know that in ancient pegasus society, the hug was reserved for those closest to the pegasus. One unicorn philosopher commented that he first noticed the affections of his pegasus lover by how tightly her wings hugged him.

This just felt like it came out of nowhere and doesn't really fit with the rest of the story.

Hours later, Fluttershy realized that Rainbow Dash was asleep. The two mares had moved back to the couch, intertwined in a comforting cuddle. Fluttershy looked up at the clock and let out a silent squeak. She hadn't realized how late it had gotten. She still had chores to do back at her house, and she knew Angel would be mad at her for being late for dinner; but as she tried to move, Rainbow Dash tightened her embrace around the yellow mare and squeaked out a desperate, yet sleepy, "Don't leave me..."
Fluttershy blushed. She then settled back into place and kissed Rainbow Dash on her forehead.

This was nice. I normally don't like stories about getting over break-ups, but this one actually not too bad.

Damn it!

Why couldn't this be longer? I was really getting Into it. I was loving it. It should've been longer imo.

6162191 tots agree with ya

6162191 I am considering doing another chapter.

You should do another one, it was quite good. When Rainbow Dash was listing the things she loved about him, I felt so bad for her. You did a great job bringing out her emotions.

Cute, short, and we'll done. Thx.

A very well done story, its hard to find a decent one sided ship, even harder to a good one at that. The only problem here is that you need to space out your paragraphs more, otherwise it just looks like a big wall of text. I hope this gets featured one day. Good luck to you, my fellow writer. :derpytongue2::pinkiehappy::ajsmug:

Rainbow Dash launched into a frenzy. No longer contented with mere punches, she kicked, slapped, tackled, and even bit the hapless pillow.

I dread the day she and him meet again...

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