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I'm not you. Your Rainbow, and I'm Fluttershy, were quite the opposite. But through the years I wonder why I still love you still even though you were arrogant and selfish.

I stood with you because I love you, and I will stand with you in your dying moments.

Edited by Jubillee Guilder!! Here's the link to this wonderful user:http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Jubilee+Glider.


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Well, that was beautiful. If I had one critique, it wound be to make it a little more clear why she overdosed.



Your right about that, I should go into more detail on that.

Why did she die?

I like the story. A bit of a sadder story then I like to read, but still a good story.
Keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

5654104 Overdose on drugs.

5654963 But why did she overdose?

5658538 Doesn't say. I think she just did and no other reason.

wow :raritycry: that was good

no words....
i never thought you would make me cry, but you managed:fluttercry:
best Flutterdash fic ever written:heart:

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