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Rainbow Dash has always had a temper. When she starts turning her temper on her marefriend, Fluttershy, though, Applejack feels the need to put her hoof down.

Written for the Flutterdash group's Conflict contest!

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Comments ( 17 )

Oh she did the right thing alright :pinkiehappy:. This calls for a party! :pinkiegasp:

You should add 'comedy' for the story tag :rainbowlaugh:

this story is awesome. like freaking awesome. go fluttershy!

This one was a fun one to read.

While it may not have wowed me, I do believe it to be well done indeed.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I always figured Rainbow secreted wanted to be ordered around.

Rainbow, I am going to hold you down against your will for a bit. :flutterrage:
Yes Mistress, my pleasure mistress. :rainbowwild:

Applejack you created a monster, that's nice... :applejackunsure:


The perfect image for this:

Now, I have a question: Applejack and Rainbow Dash were marefriends before? And Dash screw up, right?

PD: I also think that Rainbow Dash always secreted wants to have somepony dominate her.

I... I love this.... Oh so much..... :yay: :heart:

This story was so funny. I love how AJ opened a window, knowing Dash would fly in. And the sock puppet was good, especially how Fluttershy remembered it and used it to find her inner strength. But Rainbow's reaction caught me completely off guard. Applejack, you created a monster.

this was brilliant actually

Absolutely hilarious I would have rolled on the floor but I'm in public so tried my best to hold it in. The story seemed to be going in such a serious direction I had completely forgotten about the comedy tag. Great job :ajsmug:

sequel... maybe?:scootangel:

Dat RD impersonation

That's right Fluttershy, put your hoof down and get your girl. :yay:

OH my effing God! This story is frickin awesome! :rainbowhuh:

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