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I'm a Canadian gal who loves to write. :D


After getting a mistaken invitation from Pinkie Pie for a Hearth’s Warming Eve Party, Rainbow Dash, now a Wonderbolt, accepts it. She goes back to Ponyville, intent on seeing her friends, and of course, to make amends with her ex-girlfriend, Fluttershy. Sometimes, things don’t quite go as planned.

Co-written by Poison Cure and edited by Lathier.

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I really enjoyed reading this story it has a good pace and is very well written, I'll totally have to check out some other work by you. Thanks for the read!

As short as that was, it was done really well. I loved it! :pinkiehappy:

I take it that you cancelled the story heated all together?

I must say, that would be a shame, because that story was amazingly good

3673681 it wasn't short...

3673701 Uh, no... Where did you get that idea? I'm just taking a break from it after I removed a lot of the chapters. I want to be able to get back to it in tip-top shape so it'll be good.

3673727 ok,sorry for the trouble:twilightblush:

3673710 eh. It felt short. It's what, 12000 words? That's not long but whatever.

Lovely story. Yay, a Hearth's warming miracle.

I think you should change every time you say deadpanned to something along the lines of "said with a deadpan expression", as deadpanned means to say something amusing with a serious manner, however deadpan means deliberately impassive or expressionless

Comment posted by Flowercrowns16 deleted Dec 27th, 2013

First, 12,000 words? My Little Dashie felt longer than this story, though that story has... 11,000, I think?

And this story was awesome. I'm going to FAV THIS!!!:flutterrage:


Darnit you nearly made me cry :fluttercry:

Thumbs up to you sir

3717132 Yay for striking the feels! :D

And I'm a woman. :derpytongue2:

Aw, that was so sappy. :yay: I really liked this story. The pacing was nice and smooth and everypony was well in character. Plus, the TwiPie was adorable as well.

Fluttershy nodded with glee, “Of course I would… Remember back when we were fillies, I always said that I be there to help you with stuff like that. I even remember you said that you’d hire me to be your personal sanctuary one day.”

Did you perhaps mean "secretary?"

“But you just said- oh, never mind,” Twilight sighed. The then took the mistletoe and hung it in the archway concealed by hung tensile and Christmas lights.

I think you meant "they."

Despite these flaws, I found this story to be very heartwarming :twilightblush:. I quite enjoyed the TwiPie shipping, and in the scene where Dash and Flutters reconcile...the feels :pinkiesad2:...Also, I actually approve of how AJ and Rares are ended with. A satisfactory reconciliation between Dash and those two would probably have had to take a good chunk more story, and the way you ended the fic satisfies me. I can just use my imagination to make up what happens afterward to wrap up loose ends :twilightsheepish:. Anyways, terrific, good feels, good shipping, nice plot. TwiPie and FlutterDash for the win! :twilightsmile::heart::pinkiesmile: :yay::heart::rainbowdetermined2:

"Yo, Pinks! " I can only think about the Pony.mov series when I read this.

Awesome fanfic :twilightblush: with all of my favourite couples ( :yay: :heart: :rainbowkiss: , :pinkiehappy: :heart: :twilightsmile: and :raritystarry: :heart: :ajsmug: )

3991965 that's me! (But I only read/write flutterdash)

Found like, two I grammar issues and this oddity:

Spike was even wearing a Santa Hooves hat on his head.

I just realized in english, this translates to Santa hands.



This was very good, sir. Truly astounding.

This fic was just fantastic <3 best ships, incredibly and powerfully adorable, and just what i was looking for and more for the season. Thank you for this awesome fic! :D
Flutterdash is best and most OTP~!

(Also I'm not gonna lie, I just now caught on that this was written by the one and only NintendoGal55, which completely explains why it was so flippin fantastic! :D)

:fluttercry: the feels were so for reals :raritycry: but the ships were good :yay::heart::rainbowkiss: :twilightblush::heart::pinkiehappy: :raritystarry::heart::ajsmug:

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