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Three little words can make or break you,
Three little words can be tremors and shake you,
Three little words will come out to play,
And three little words will save the day.

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash have their first fight. (written for the FlutterDash Conflict Contest and won second place!)

(Art credit: Kitana-Coldfire)

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As I mentioned elsewhere, I really liked the central motif of three little words in this story, as well as the neat little bookends of Fluttershy contemplating the cloud.

Pretty awesome! :rainbowwild: It's been a while since there was a Flutterdash so moving with the exception of the other contest entries.

OK, had to read this one twice. . .
Fluttershy needs therapy. She doesn't want dash, she wants a mind reader.

I feel bad for dash, I'm not sure what she did wrong.:rainbowderp:

"Please forgive me!"

That was my favorite 'three words' part :rainbowkiss:
There is always something really touching whenever Rainbow's crying

Not horrible.

Yes, not horrible is how I'd classify this story.

Slightly out of character in several ways, but not a bad take on the relationship.

Strange reactions, and in fact I personally found myself thinking Flutters was overreacting, she didn't tell dash anything and yet blows up at her for not reacting to ...nothing. Yeah sure cues were thrown, but geez...talk about throwing her under the emotional bus. To be honest, this version of fluttershy was very much more similar to the Discord'D version in a few ways.

But that is merely my take. Overall a well written different point of view on how things can go.

Also, grats, I didn't see many spelling or grammatical errors, bravo :D

madam/sir that was a good fic

job well done but i really need to lay off the romance :moustache:



I really liked the whole "Three words" concept, and the cloud analogy was fantastic. Overall, it was a good read and I really enjoyed it!:pinkiehappy:

The nice thing about the fight in this story, for once, is that it isn't one-sided.

Oftentimes, a romantic story that includes a fight will involve one person doing something monumentally stupid, insensitive, or otherwise wrong, and it being glaringly obvious to everyone (or worse yet everyone but them) that it's entirely their fault; those stories almost never feel quite right. Even worse, sometimes those stories will proceed to pretend the fight was two-sided and that the offended party overreacted or was somehow wrong to have felt upset. That's a major reason that I don't normally enjoy reading about a romantic fight, even when it isn't a sitcom-level comedic misunderstanding: it's always too simplistic, X was right and Y was wrong and that's all there is to it.

In this case, Fluttershy and Dash had a real fight, over an issue where neither one of them was entirely right or entirely wrong. Fluttershy at first seems to have flown off the handle simply because Dash saw that she was feeling bad and tried to find out what was wrong to comfort her; Dash could hardly have seen that one coming without telepathy or absurd amounts of spot-on character insight, and it's more than Dash's usual level of sensitivity just to recognize that something was wrong (at which point it's very much her nature to try to help a friend by solving the problem). On the other hoof, Dash then proceeds to be so utterly insensitive and unthinking as to think she can just carry on with what they were doing and pretend nothing happened after Fluttershy gets upset; Dash walked right into that one, didn't even recognize it after saying it, and proceeded to make it even worse the more she kept talking. And on the third hoof, Fluttershy escalated being upset into saying something horrible that she fortunately didn't really mean.

And the resolution is realistic as well. The story mostly shows Dash's point of view explicitly, in which she's fighting against her pride to bring herself to make up and admit she was wrong. But as soon as the two of them meet up again, there's a pile of implied background and a few in-character thoughts and recent memories about how Fluttershy has been feeling, making it clear that she's both more hurt and more sad than she was letting on, suggesting that she regrets the fight as well (and especially her words). And both of them seem to have learned something: Dash figured out how to put her relationship above her pride, and Fluttershy opened up about her insecurities.

This was quite well done.

Rainbow Dash stayed over at the cottage for maybe an hour and a half longer, before heading out into the now bright day. She squinted, not yet accustomed to the bright sunlight, before taking about three hoof-steps forward...
...and having Pinkie Pie bounce right in front of her, screaming, "PARTY TIME!"
Rainbow yelped and immediately zipped into the air, hovering above Pinkie by several feet; this didn't seem to bother the earth pony, as she just stared upwards with a wide grin on her face. "Pinkie Pie!" the pegasus panted, placing one hoof on her chest to steady her breathing. "What was...What in Celestia's name was that?"
"Weeeeeeell~" Pinkie started, eyes as bright as shiny buttons. "I was waiting outside of Fluttershy's cottage because I knew that you were in there and if you were in there because of your big fight you would both be super duper sad and I really didn't want that to happen so I decided that I would be the 'happy police' and wait until you guys were really sad so I could come in and make you not sad anymore but - GASP - I fell asleep, so then-"
"Wait, wait, wait. How long were you outside the cottage?"
Pinkie giggled and rolled her eyes. "Well, long enough to see you guys go smoochie smoo-"
"Pinkie!" Rainbow Dash growled, feeling heat flood to her face as her wings stiffened, remembering the tight embrace. It was the first real, real kiss they had ever shared, and she had enjoyed it. But to have Pinkie Pie mock it? No. That was not cool.
"Alright!" The pink earth pony bounced with a little skip in her step across the bridge; anxiously, Rainbow Dash followed via the sky. "But anyways, does this mean you've made up? Are you marefriends again? Can we throw a party called the 'Flutters and Dashie are smooching again' party yet?"

smoochie smooch XDDDDD lol

I loved it!! :rainbowkiss::heart::yay: But... I still have no idea where Rainbow Dash went wrong, Fluttershy AND Rainbow Dash, both of you need to work on your communication skills in this relationship! :derpytongue2:

I dont get the story.....
Y did they have a fight in the first place?

I despise the way Fluttershy acts in this story.

Ok, I have read some pretty good fanfictions in my life, and this is an AMAZING fanfiction

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