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Im from the Netherlands!!!! 16 Years and counting. I'm a: Writer, Artist and Gamer. and Rainbow Dash is the best!! im also a beginning music producer working together with mr reader.


This story is a sequel to How to Preen Your Chicken

Rainbow Dash adopted Scootaloo as her daughter, but suddenly Scootaloo gets very sick and Rainbow blames herself for it. Will Scoots ever recover?

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I just felt the urgent need to give my own story a like :rainbowlaugh:
sorry for that :twilightblush:

Im working on chapter 2 now and it will soon be up :twilightsheepish:

And, im going to make the cover art myself. I think the cover art will be up in a week. :scootangel:

I don't like my story enough to do that. Lol

7090528 XD, :rainbowlaugh:

You should like your own stories tho. Keep writing

7091771 The first three chapters of my story need completely rewritten. Lol so far chapter 4 is the only chapter I like. It really pulls at my heartstrings. Almost made me cry writing it.

In your description, is 'blaims' a word? Also, I found a few inconsistencies between the first story and this one. I understand that it was from a different author, but some people may find it a distraction. Other than that, it sounds good enough, I'm interested.

7092046 blaims in like she thinks she did It, she blaims herself for it. (I could be wrong, english isnt my native language) :scootangel:
And thanks for your interest in this story. :scootangel:

7092100 Thanks for letting me know. It should be ' blames'. I will keep that in mind. If you could correct it, I would be grateful.

7092126 thanks, I changed it now. Sorry for my kinda.. Bad english.... I speak english very well but writing Is a lot harder... Thanks for The comment:scootangel:

Welkom op FiMfiction!:moustache:

On the description, change daugter, to daughter.

Poor Rainbow and Scootaloo, good fanfic so far though.

7177497 thanks for your comment! It really helps me to see that people like my stories. Currently I'm on a holiday so I won't be writing now. But in 2 weeks the new chapter should be done! :scootangel:

A FOOD COMA:rainbowlaugh:
And now I am the sad:fluttercry:


7252852 HAHA Food coma.. thats a good one! :rainbowlaugh: and yes... i use cliffhangers in some of my stories! :scootangel:

Oh no....


7280231 Yeah! so you better keep your eyes open for the next chapter XD :scootangel:

7280403 the end of the chapter. Scootaloo may not remember that Rainbow Dash is her mom

7280491 Yeah.... i already know whats coming next :rainbowlaugh:

but you'll see :rainbowdetermined2:


A few mistakes here and there, but it's a great idea.
(Also, do blood vessels actually do that in real life?)

7330094 Thanks! And yeah they do. when your exersizing you blood pressure rises and then it possible to snap a blood vessel :scootangel:

Love it but I wonder how did that happen to Scootaloo?Will you please do a chapter explaining please?:rainbowhuh:

7642896 Thanks for your comment! :scootangel:

im currently working on chapter 3!

but there is one problem... I'm really busy in real life so progress isn't going very fast :twilightblush:

but keep your eyes out because soon chapter 3 will be out! :scootangel:

7644640 Ahhhh! I need to know if chapter three is coming soon! This is awesome and scary! XD Please update before the end of the year! :'( :raritycry:

7788070 I'm going to try to bring out a new chapter before new year.. but no promises yet... a very good friend of mine is leaving fimfic and I'm preparing a present for him... :scootangel:

7796999 Ok! :) I'll be patiently waiting for the next on! Is it going to be the last one?
Make sure h/she likes it! XD Hopefully, your friendwill be greatful! :D :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::twilightsmile::heart:

How's the third chapter coming along?

PS Happy New Year! :)

7864681 well... I'm about to write a blog about my inactivity and I haven't been able to write anything because I'm having a very hard time at school... :twilightoops: but you can see everything in the blog which I'm now going to write

and thanks :scootangel:

7869964 Ok! I'll wait! ;'D

Is the next chapter coming soon?

7928105 wow!

You really want the new chapter dont you? :derpytongue2:

Its going through some final checks and im adjusting some small things so it is (almost) perfect!

7089126 It's OK, I give my stories likes too lol! Is the next chapter coming soon? :)

(PS, happy late valentines day! My birthday was the day before it! :D)

Next chapter soon?

Have you started the next chapter?

A. Please don't end this as a horrible tragedy

B. PLEASE continue the story, and don't make it too long! Pwease! :') A year us too long to wait.

Published in 2016, two chapters, and here it is 2020 will soon, hopefully, come to an end. Seriously though, did you ever intend to finish this? And for that matter, it's got absolutely nothing to do with the original "How to preen your chicken" beyond Rainbow Dash has adopted Scootaloo.

Do your really hate happy stories so much you have to piggyback on some body's title just so you can turn it into a tragedy and then leave it hanging? Congratulations, you are a better troll than I. :trollestia:


I don't know how late I am to this story but given certain developments in the show.... I can guess. First I wanna say this was a grand attempt. May not mean much from someone who just joined the site less than 5 hours ago but still. In any case, I have found quite a few discrepancies between this story and it's predecessor. I know different author but consistency is key in any story, especially a sequel. I wasn't expecting it to be pitch perfect. The story seems to go from scene to scene without any development or build up. Being dialog heavy isn't an issue just as long as there some more meat to it. Set up each scene as you set a tone and pace.

food comas... I never had one though, but this was a good first chapter :yay:

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