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Blazewind strike

Burning, Striking, all while being epic, Blazewind strike(Mach Approved). Yeah I like a lot of different stuff(don't judge) and will write fanfiction about sometimes...simple.

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Where is Chapter 13!!!!!????? · 2:10am Nov 17th, 2015

Yeah, this is something I need to address. Chapter 13 of Stand Up! Vanguard is Magic is almost done. Now the real thing That concerns me, and I should let you guys know, is, well it might not look like it deserves that much time. The chapters been a pain to write from beginning to end, and it's because I want it to be good and impress you guys, this chapters setting up things for the future of the second act of this story. I just hope you guys get it.

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Comment posted by Pseudo Brony deleted Nov 5th, 2017

Sorry that was an accident. I meant to post the Spider-Man music on a different group and didn't notice that I posted it to the wrong group my bad.

thanks for the fav:twilightsmile:

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