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I see people two ways who they are and who they can be.


I read many stories of guys being transported to Equestria and turn into one of the mares of the show. Yet I have not read on of a guy doing the same but still be male still looking though. So I thought why not write one with a twist.

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Was 99% sure you were mocking bad fanfiction, but it was so well done I had to check another story to make sure. Good job, the cringe was real.

On the off chance that was *not* on purpose... Uh sorry? And start with spell check

Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, The Man Who Concord

I have to admit, I never expected Harry to be the wizard who cracked supersonic broom flight.

Amazing work like always I can't wait to see what you do in chapter 2

...yeah you might want to mention this is a harry potter AU in your description since someone like me might come along and think this was an actual original story with real characters and plot that you had to come up with yourself.

Where did "The Man Who Concord" come from? I don't remember that from the books.

I love this jacket it's so heartwarming at the end

You have just made me very happy... This has taken two fandoms that I love very, very much and squished them together into an amalgamation that I will deeply enjoy!

*snort* Awww so adorable *Chuckles while hiding mouth behind hoof*

I'm enjoying this, please make more. :heart::pinkiehappy:

The end of the chapter was so sweet when teddy called Twilight mama

Aww cute...

I do have to wonder though... Is Kreacher with them? He was Harrys House Elf after all... Or would he stay back at 12 Grimmald Place? I wonder.....

Shhh, no one has to know.... *places Kreatcher into cryo pod*

Yeah I was thinking of him going to live with the Rich family you know Filthy, Spoiled, and Diamond Tiara just picture that.
"Kreature work for good family Black, now work for stinky horseis, place smell like barn."


I think the house elves would live wonderfully in Equestria... A Well, Kreature being, Kreature >_> lol But yeah most of them would live wonderfully there I think....

loved the bit with the 2 fire birbs betting xD

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