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Just another SpiderMan fanfic writer that LOOVES MonsterCat!!


When a 22 year old Chris Houlihan is transported into a modern day Equis with some modern day United States technology as The New and Improved SpiderMan 2099 craziness and adventures follow.

(Edited by: Root Bear Drinker)

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OK, i got curious is this All-New All-Different 2099 Spidey canon or not?

I look forward to this.. also is it where his body is like venom's but Spider-Man 2099?

love story don't cancel it plz

All New, All Different Displaced

The title is a perfect example of an oxymoron.

God fucking dammit! Another story?!

6510463 Yes this New and Different SpiderMan 2099 is in the Marvel Canon.

Yeah, I'll pay attention to this one. For now...

Dude!!! More chapters please.

I like how short the convention part was, the rest of the chapter was to short.

still good, but to short.

you almost done with the next chapter?

Okay, describe stuff. Also, slow it down. You aren't racing. You are writing a story. You can't show, so tell in as much detail as you can. For example, the suit. Does it have the ridiculous mini glider webs in the arm pits? Does it have built in webbing or is it a piece of tech? Describe how he switched to night vision, rather than just saying it came on. It could be by accident, or thought triggered or low level light triggered. What little details separate it from the old cartoon?



WHY are your characters shouting so much. Almost every time they're shouting, for no real given reason.

Even at the end there, all twi's friends shout what they're doing before running off. Why can't they just talk normally?

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