All New, All Different Displaced

by MonsterCat2212

First published

Going to Comic Con as SpiderMan 2099 was awesome! But having his powers and sense of justice in Equis is even better!

When a 22 year old Chris Houlihan is transported into a modern day Equis with some modern day United States technology as The New and Improved SpiderMan 2099 craziness and adventures follow.

(Edited by: Root Bear Drinker)

Prologue: Future Smack Down

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Comic Con: Atlanta,Georgia(2015)

Chris walked into the comic convention his cosplay already on. "I still don't understand why SpiderMan 2099?" Greg his best friend asked him.

"Because I can and it’s the more recent SpiderMan 2099!" Chris responded. Greg was cosplaying as the more recent Amazing SpiderMan where as Chris was SpiderMan 2099, although he was missing the metal blades that extend from his arm and can retract.

"Well 2:00 PM this afternoon we regroup here got it?" Greg asked shrugging Chris.

"Yup! See YA!" Chris shouted as the two split apart. A few hours later Chris walked around the shopping area in hopes of finding something that matched his costume.

"Hello SpiderMan!"

Turning around he saw a Merchant from the Resident Evil games. Chris was to better word....impressed!

"Wow dude you have the voice, the clothes, and the shop perfect!"

"Thank you I try, but I seem to don't have the metallic blades?"

Chris groaned examining the shop, "ya I couldn't get that past the metal detectors."

"Well if you’re willing I couldn't give you a pair?" Chris's eyes glistened at the suggestion. Watching the Merchant pulled out a rectangular box from underneath the table, blowing the dust off it he opened it showing perfect blades.

"There clip ons so you won't have any trouble getting them on." Chris just smiled,
"ok how much!?"

"About...200 hundred. Web tech watch included."

"DEAL!!" Chris whipped out his wallet shoving the required money down, the Merchant smiled as he watched Chris clip the blades on. Suddenly dizziness and nausea took over and he fell to the ground. The Merchant just smiled and devious smile....

Equestria: Ponyville...

It was Nightmare Night and everypony was having a great time! Pinkie was the chicken once again, Twilight was a Mage, Rainbow Dash was a Shadow Bolt, Applejack was a cowboy, Rarity was a...fashionable princess of darkness, and Fluttershy -- wore her normal attire.

"Oh come on Fluttershy, why didn't ya’ get a costume!?" Applejack asked.

"'t," the pale yellow mare said shyly.

"Why can’t you just wear your tree outfit?" Rainbow asked as she walked beside Fluttershy.

"Girls if Fluttershy doesn't want to wear a costume so be it! Let's just get to the Town Hall for the competition!" Twilight said slightly annoyed.

"Hehe that trophy is as good as mine!" Rainbow said with a devious grin on her face.


'Ngggh what happened?' Chris asked he was falling -- infinitely. His vision was blurry and he couldn't make out his surroundings, all that was visible where the sudden flashes of light around his body.

'Where the hell am I?' He asked again noticing he was thinking. A buzz going off in his head, instinctively he flipped around his hands and feet out toward the incoming ground. From the speed he was traveling it looked like he was gonna snap his limbs!

Turning his head he looked away but nothing happened. Turning his head he saw that he was safely on the ground his right hand on the ground and his left in the air. Both the toes of his feet kept him up and his belly just inches from the ground.

"What the hell kinda acid trip was that!?" He asked as his vision adjusted.

Breathing he noticed it was easier and his suit felt skin tight. Quickly adapting to the change Chris looked around, he was in a forest? His costumes lenses turning green along with the other red in it. "Night vision? Wait that wasn't in the cosplay!" Chris realized.

Looking at his fingertips he saw they'd grown talons on them along with his feet. Using his tongue he licked his teeth two deadly sharp, "holy shit!"

Town Hall: Ponyville

"Mares and gentlecolts! I present to you PONYVILLE'S ANNUAL COSTUME CONTEST!!!!" Mayor Mare screamed into a megaphone, the claps of fillies and adults heard.

Rarity was first to step up, her costume of a dark princess bedazzling. Everypony ohh and awed at it as the marshmallow white mare smiled, as she walked back down she began to continue toward her friends. "Twi you next!" She nudged the mare.

"Alright!" The alicorn said.

Walking onto the stage everypony clapped but the excitement wasn't as large as when Rarity went up. The alicorn pouted as she walked back down the stairs her arms crossed, AJ held back a laugh.

"It's alright Twi," she said between giggles.

"Ya sure...alright!" She responded her anger still standing tall.

Applejack rolled her eyes, "this is gonna be a long night."

The Everfree Forest: Edge

Chris quickly dodged a tail slash, currently he was fighting the mythical creature known as a Manticore. His suit still bright green. The metal blades on his arms extended, "let's go fuzz ball!!" He shouted as he lunged at the beast.

His talons and claws were retracted mainly because to him they seemed way to lethal. 'Those will be a last resort!' He thought as he dug his foot into the Manticore's jaw. The beast was sent flying into a tree, Chris stuck to the side of another tree.


The beast growled at the human, only thinking Chris was prey! Slashing at him the human quickly grabbed it's paw with scary ease, waggling one finger in the air he shook his head a grin on his face.

"My turn." With that sentence he pulled the Manticore toward him the beast roaring in protest. Slamming his fist into its muzzle the Manticore was knocked to the ground, grabbing its tail Chris slammed it through multiple trees.

Upon removing his hands the beast was sent flying it's roar disappearing the further it got.

"SEE YA FUZZ BALL!!!" He shouted as he stared at his hands.

"I...beat..a MANTICORE!!! YES!!!" He shouted as he jumped up and down in pure amazement and happiness. Hearing rustling he jumped into the trees his bright green highlights darkened.