• Published 23rd Jun 2019
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Wild Card - Cirrus Dash

Remy "Gambit" Lebeau in Equestria, anthro, villainess harem, and so much chaos that all versions of Discord would be proud.

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Summer Sun Celebration

Remy stood aside, playing with one of his cards as he waited for the Summer Sun Celebration to start. He was standing off to the side of the curtain, as he was called upon by Mayor Mare to be Princess Celestia's bodyguard during the Celebration. He listened idly as he played with the card, rolling it between his fingers as he did.

When the curtains pulled back, he saw that the place where Celestia was supposed to be standing was empty. He blinked and scowled a bit, tightening his grip on his card, his mutation flaring up as the card seemed to catch fire, burning with light purple flame as he got ready for anything. When Rarity told the crowd that Celestia wasn't there - and Pinky saying that she was good - he saw purple mist, much darker than his flames, gathering up as Rarity gathered with the rest of the ponies down below. He stood in wait, staying quiet as he waited for whoever took his charge.

And there, standing tall and proud in dark purple armor that was plated across her body, sharp angles on the chestplate, boots, and armor and a helmet that looked almost like she was the embodiment of evil - not really, as he had met the Devil himself, as well as Mister Sinister, who was worse than Mephistopheles - and she cackled.

After a confrontation between the newcomer Twilight and the now named Nightmare Moon, the ancient pony cackled once more, her horn shining in what he assumed was either an attack or transport spell. Not willing to see which, Gambit threw the card in his hand at the ground in front of the crowd and willed it to explode in a way that it didn't harm anyone else. With a struggle, he grit his teeth and took control of the rubble, forming it into a shield as Nightmare Moon's magic grew to its climax. And she vanished, leaving no trace of her behind. The extra-dimensional stallion collapsed as his control over the rubble vanished, blood dripping from his muzzle as he panted hard. The rubble fell harmlessly against the ground, seemingly avoiding everypony as it did. He was honestly shocked that he did that, and was feeling a massive migraine, but he pushed through, stumbling to his feet and leaving the hall. He saw the five ponies he had grown to care for as a family and the newcomer rush to the library, the bookworm running hard and fast ahead of them.

When he got there, he was just about bowled over by the lavender unicorn. He jumped back right as she forced herself to slow to a stop. Before she could say anything, he told her that he was going with her, leaving no room for argument.


Minutes later, they were speed walking through the Everfree Forest, Remy's crimson and black eyes darting back and forth as he took everything in. Rarity, bless her heart, was complaining about how humid it was, how her heels were ruined, and the insects. And Murphy's law seemed to exist here, 'cause as soon as she complained about how bright it was, the light was consumed by the trees overhead. Remy, who stood far taller than most of the six women he was with, simply kept walking as he dug into his pocket for a match, hoping that he could find one. He sighed as he didn't, putting the cigarette that was between his lips away. While he could light the cigarette with his mutation, he didn't want to risk it with how his power seemed to be growing. And he didn't have a Mister Sinister in Equis to take out the part of his brain like he did in his past life.

He watched as everything seemed to crumble. While worry built inside of him, he pushed it aside, as he had been on collapsing buildings, cliffs and so much more back on Earth, so he slid and rolled skillfully down the cliffside till he and the rest were safe. He saw that Twilight was holding onto a root, and kept quiet when Applejack showed how honest she was when she told the scholar to trust her and let go. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash helped her down. Twilight smiled at them and thanked them. Remy smirked and walked, leading the way.


They soon arrived at their destination, the Castle of the Sisters. Along the way, Remy and the six mares had been through a lot of troubles. And each girl helped. To be honest, Remy felt like he was useless as he stood aside, unable to help in fear of harming the ones he cared about. The is why he went to Mister Sinister back in his old life. The reason why he was willing to get partially lobotomized, in order to limit the power output that he had. He was too strong and... it scared him.

When they finally walked in through the broken stone arch of the entrance hall, Remy tensed. Something felt off. He looked around quickly, trying to find what the cause was. He noticed out of the corner of his eye Twilight running towards what looked like necklaces, which were being slowly covered by the same dark purple mist that Nightmare Moon had formed from. He reached out to stop her, but she, the mist and the necklaces vanished.

He growled and slammed his fist against a pillar, angry that he couldn't prevent her from doing something reckless. He blinked though when he saw the flashing of lights high above, in one of the broken towers. He watched as the lights brightened and dulled in a rhythm, followed by the sounds of magical discharge. He was about to go to them, when they teleported down by the broken thrones, Twilight having the necklaces in her magic grasp. Her horn sparked and a bolt of magic shot to them, only for them to shatter on impact.

Nightmare Moon, seeing, what Remy could assume were relics of some type, shatter, she smirked before cackling out a laugh.

"Now, my little ponies," she said with a fanged smirk. "since the Elements of Harmony are gone, eternal night will reign, forever!" she bellowed, before charging up her magic to irradiate the six mares in front of her. Remy tackled her and held her in a Nelson hold, leaving her open for an attack.

"Now, Twilight!" he shouted, seeing the fractals of the 'Elements' float up around the six mares, and he closed his eyes, willing to sacrifice himself in order to protect all of Equestria from Nightmare Moon's reign. Through his closed eyes, he saw flashes of rainbow lights and the screaming of Nightmare Moon as she struggled in his hold. And as quickly it happened, it stopped. And Remy faltered, panting a bit as he and the person he was holding slumped down onto the ground.

He was recovering, panting softly as he faintly heard the voices of seven people, eventually it becoming eight due to another woman's voice. Grunting softly, Remy tapped the boulder on top of his back, as he had used his body to shield the person in his arms. The boulder was wrapped in his purple flames and slowly lifted in the air, gritting his teeth as he slowly but surely freed him and his charge.

After what seemed like hours, when it was really barely a minute and a half, he finally freed the two of them. Panting, he slowly stood, seeing what seemed like a teen woman in his arms, her coat a very dark blue, almost black, with modest features, yet a very powerful, muscled body.

He carried her in a bridal hold, to where the eight voices are. His vision was blurry and each step sent pain through his body, but he powered through it to make sure the teen girl was alright.

He smiled at them and spoke. "Hello, all. Y'must be Princess Celestia. Heard 'bout you, all good tings, promise" he said, making sure there wasn't any shaking in his voice. The eight mares looked at him as he sat down and leaned back against a pillar, the teen he protected in his arms, hearing them asking question. He looked down when he felt her stir and was surprised when he saw the familiar reptilian eyes looking up at him, the irises being a blue grey that was enchanting. He was surprised by her words, as were the other eight mares.

"Master...? What's going on?"

Author's Note:

So... yeah! That happened! Sorry I didn't go into much detail about the first two episodes, I just really, really, REALLY wanted to get to, what I think is, the most interesting part of the story. I will explain why Nightmare Moon is a teen, and why she's calling Remy Master. I promise!

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"Master...? What's going on?"

Did this just become what I think It did?

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Wow, great story so far! Keep up the good work.

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