• Published 23rd Jun 2019
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Wild Card - Cirrus Dash

Remy "Gambit" Lebeau in Equestria, anthro, villainess harem, and so much chaos that all versions of Discord would be proud.

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New Friends

Remy hummed softly as he looked himself in the mirror. He had asked Rarity, one of the many beautiful ladies in this new world of his, to make an outfit similar to how it was back on Earth. So, he had just about half a million different variations of the same trench coat, slacks, combat boots and fingerless gloves. He decided to forgo the skintight headwear he used to wear, as it would be very uncomfortable with his new equine features.

Currently he was helping Applejack - even though he was told by them that he was good on his payment, and could go find a new job... two years ago. Yeah, he loved this job - with the apple trees, knocking down the apples into baskets with a single punch. Yeah, two years ago he had gotten bruises as lesser injuries, to dislocated shoulders and even broken arms in extreme cases.

He looked up when he heard Applejack holler out a "YEE-HAW!!" before running at a tree, turning around and kicking it with her powerful legs. The apples fell down like a waterfall of green and red. He smiled and leaned against the tree he had just punched. When Applejack calmed down a bit, a slight sheen of sweat over her coat. She held out her hand as he sent a water bottle to her, which was encased with his purple power. During the two years of being in Equestria, he had gotten his powers under a lot better control than it was on Earth, to the point that he can choose wether or not they explode. It took so many packs of cards, so he just decided to buy all of the cards every couple months.

His left ear twitched as he heard a pair of new voices speaking, something about a celebration of some sorts. He shrugged and watched, grabbing a cigarette from his pocket and lighting it by exploding a bit of the tobacco inside, another trick he learned. He watched as a young woman, obviously a city girl, walked up with a younger man who seemed... reptilian. He watched as the new duo tried to introduce themselves, only to be stopped by Applejack's friendliness, shaking the purple mare's hand rapidly with barely restrained strength. Even after Applejack stopped shaking it, her arms still followed the movement.

He thought her name was Twilight something-or-other, and she explained that she was here to check on the banquet for the celebration. He chuckled and shook his head as the two got the Apple Family Greeting, complete with most of the Apple Family being introduced and their talents with food shown. He sat down beside everyone as lunch started, making idle conversation. To the Apples, he was family in all but blood, and he was happy that he had a family in this world, just as he had in the last; large, loud, dysfunctional and perfect, all at the same time.

When Applejack forgot to introduce himself, he cleared his throat with a raised brow, but a grin splitting his face. "Ah, did ya forget abou' me, petite mignon?" he said with a chuckle, which grew harder when she rolled her eyes.

"Ah almost forgot, this is Remy Lebeau, though he likes to go by Gambit," she said with a faux exasperated tone, though her wide smile betrayed her.

He stood and took a low bow, bending at the waist with his right arm bent in against his belly, and his left arm behind him in a flourish. "Nice ta meetcha, Miss Twilight. I hope dat we can get along"

"Um... nice to meet you too..." she said, a brow raised as she looked him up and down. She seemed that she didn't want to make any friends. Too bad for her, this town will chew her up and spit her out in that regard. And maybe she would be all the better for it. He didn't know, but he was certain of one thing. He would love every second of it.

Author's Note:

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy yet another short chapter! I promise, once the action starts, there will be much longer chapters. I hope you enjoy!