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There was no doubt in Sunset Shimmer's mind that as Celestia's personal student she was the most powerful Unicorn in Equestria, bar none. But between the arrival of 'Princess' Cadence and Celestia's dismissing her for prying too deeply into Starswirl's Mirror, you can hardly blame her for being a little desperate.

Now trapped in another world in a form not her own, she'll be forced to learn the hardway the lessons Celestia so desperately wished for her to learn. Fortunately, there's more to her new friends than meets the eye.

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Comments ( 13 )

Came expecting Sunset overdrive, the video game.
Was disappointed.
Still a good story tho

Cliff looks more like a Challenger, in my opinion.:applejackunsure:

I am intrigued, keep going.

7374468 Is that a Dodge Challenger? Apparently his mode is custom, which would make sense considering, in this world, he scanned Big Mac's ride.

You know, when I saw the title. The first thing I thought it was a crossover with the game. Sunset Overdrive. I was half way through when I finger it out. Slight sad but good read so far.

Same here man.

My Hard-drive crashed taking my notes for this story.
I'll get back to it eventually but I have other concerns at the moment.

Crossovers with Transformers Prime. You can never have enough!

But...ah...that story title raises a question for me: Is Sunset just going to be a part of the Prime Series as a "Human Partner", or is she going to have a role in the series beyond that?

Hope it's not dead.

I just saw the sunset overdrive part and got excited for a second

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