• Published 28th Nov 2023
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In the shadows of war, under a sky streaked with the scars of battle, the war unfolded with a grim relentlessness. The clouds, heavy with impending doom, seemed to weep sorrow into the thick air, which clung to every soldier like a suffocating shroud. Every breath drawn by the brave souls on the battlefield was a battle in itself, as they navigated through a world where the line between life and death blurred with each passing moment.

Nestled within the merciless embrace of the trenches, the earth beneath them scarred and gashed like the flesh of the world itself, soldiers of all ranks sought refuge. Here, in the mud-caked depths, stallions and mare, forever marked by the specter of conflict, found a momentary solace in their shared plight. They sat, shoulders touching, eyes vacant yet alert, waiting for the inevitable cry that would hurl them back into chaos.

Among them, a solitary figure—a young mare whose vibrant spirit had been shattered by the relentless tide of war—let out a scream that pierced the heavy air. Her delicate hands trembled violently as she pressed them to her ears, trying in vain to silence the endless cacophony of war that raged around her. Her eyes, wide and unseeing, were windows to a soul irrevocably marred by the horrors she had endured.

Around her, the other soldiers, each teetering on the brink of their own psychological abyss, attempted to distance themselves from her visible torment. They gripped their weapons tighter, not just as tools of war but as lifelines, anchoring them to a reality they could comprehend, away from the haunting visions that threatened to consume them.

The stains of battle—mud, blood, and the unspoken terrors of war—clung to every soldier, a testament not only to their physical struggles but to the deeper scars carved into their minds. In the darkest corners of their psyche, a primal force stirred—a darkness that emerged when fear overtook reason, transforming once-ordinary individuals into instruments of war, their humanity obscured by the shadow of survival.

As evening drew near, the soldiers gathered around a meager fire, its flickering light casting ghostly shadows across their drawn faces. The silence was palpable, each breath a whisper against the backdrop of distant artillery. It was then that a soft, melodious voice cut through the stillness—a voice so tender and out of place in such a harsh environment that it momentarily lifted the soldiers from their despair.

The voice belonged to a light green mare, her tone imbued with a haunting familiarity. She began to sing, her voice weaving through the crisp air, a forgotten melody from a world untouched by war. As the notes floated gently around them, a flicker of recognition sparked in the weary eyes of her comrades. Some didn't recognize the song but for some, memories buried beneath layers of grief and duty began to surface with each note sung.

How could they have forgotten? Tomorrow was Christmas Day, a celebration of peace and unity that had once brought them joy and light. The song, a reminder of lost innocence, stirred a deep, aching nostalgia in their hearts. For a brief, precious moment, the bleakness receded, replaced by a warmth that spread slowly among the gathered soldiers, even to those that wasn't familiar with the gentle tune. They were reminded of who they had been before the war redefined their existence.

Moved by the power of the song, one by one, some soldiers found their voices, joining the mare in a chorus that swelled through the trenches. It was not a song of joy, but one of defiant hope—a promise to one another that despite the darkness surrounding them, the spirit of Chrismas could still unite them, could still remind them of the light within each soul.

As the melody carried across the barren no-man’s-land, it reached the ears of those hidden in the shadows of the opposite trenches. To the astonishment of all, voices from the other side began to rise in harmony with theirs. In this moment of shared humanity, the harsh lines drawn by war began to blur, softened by the realization that music, that shared memories of peace, could bridge the deepest divides.

The green mare, tears mingling with the dirt on her cheeks, stood up, her voice stronger as she sang with her supposed enemies. This unexpected choir, a blend of voices from both sides of the conflict, transformed the night into a moment of profound unity and peace. In the heart of war, they found a fleeting, precious truce, bound not by treaties or negotiations, but by the simple, profound connections of their shared morals.

As the final notes of the song faded into the darkness, a solemn peace settled over the battlefield. The soldiers, whether friend or foe, were united in their weariness and their longing for peace. And in the heart of the mare, a dream took root—a dream of a world where such moments of unity would no longer be fleeting, but a lasting reality.

As the first light of dawn painted the sky with hues of pink and orange, casting a gentle glow over the ravaged battlefield, the green mare felt an unusual serenity envelop her. It seemed as though the very atmosphere had been softened by the melodic echoes of unity that had filled the night. With a resolute spark igniting her spirit, she knew the path she must take amidst the stark reality of war—a path fraught with personal peril, yet essential for peace.

In the eerie silence of the early morning, where the only movement was the occasional flutter of a bird's wing, the green mare took her chance. She swiftly scaled the rough, mud-slick walls of the trench, her movements causing heads to turn. The commanding sergeant’s voice thundered across the field, ordering her to return. But she pressed forward, her resolve as firm as the earth beneath her hooves.

From afar, the distant murmur of voices grew louder, and the ominous glint of rifle barrels pointed in her direction became visible. Detected by the enemy, her presence was now unmistakable. Yet, she continued, her pace steady and unwavering, one hand lofting her helmet high—the universal gesture of truce—while her other hand clutched a secret token of goodwill behind her back.

With every determined step she took, the surrounding air thickened with tension, charged with the silent questions of friend and foe alike. But then, cutting through the growing din, a commanding voice from the enemy side demanded silence. The battlefield quieted, all eyes turning to see a stallion, clad in a uniform unlike hers, rising from the opposing trench.

The green mare and the stallion moved toward each other, their steps measured and cautious, bridging the physical and metaphorical distance between their sides. Inspired by their leaders’ bravery, soldiers from both factions emerged, raising their hands not in defeat but in a sign of peace. What unfolded next was a scene few could have imagined—enemies extending hands not to strike, but to shake in friendship.

Laughter and voices filled the air, replacing the sounds of conflict. Soldiers exchanged family photos, assisted each other in grooming, and shared stories over the scars of war, forging bonds that transcended past animosities. In the midst of this newfound fellowship, the green mare's intention remained clear and focused.

Facing the stallion with a gentle smile, she opened her hand to reveal a simple ball—a symbol of playful competition and shared joy. Her eyes, alight with hopeful anticipation, conveyed the depth of her proposal, transcending the mere game it suggested.

“Fancy a game of football, partner?” she asked, her voice steady yet imbued with the emotion of the moment. This question was more than an invitation to play; it was an offer to rewrite their shared destiny, to lay down arms in favor of a game where the only sides taken were in sport, not war.

That day was known as the Match of Truce.