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I get the feeling you're not taking me seriously.


Fed up with having all her life's decisions being made for her, Octavia makes a big one of her own. As she works towards the future she wants, she encounters many more choices with answers not so simple.

Hopefully a more original take on the characterizations of these two wonderful background ponies.

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Thank you! Thank you all! No need for applause.

This was both edited by Silver Cloud and written as a request from Silver Cloud. Yay Silver Cloud!

Pretend I didn't edit this chapter though, because I didn't. Not really. I just skimmed over it...


Before I read, I'd like to know...

Is this clop?

802347 since the tag isn't mature, no it isn't clop

(MY...Goodness!, A Most Dazzling Story good sir! Plz Thy out Write At least! 8 to 50 chapter's!):moustache:

(I CANT WAIT till the rest come out And plz dont rush sorry for my out burst sir! *Squee*)


Ps.at the End i thought sorry just my imagination,That she would be thinking about the beat she has heard befor! :P lol

Awesome. This is definitely a new take on OctaxScratch. Well done sir, I'm tracking this story. :twilightsmile:

I can't help but think that Octy got a job as a dancer to get through Uni.

This is going to be splendid.

(*Who know's it might turn in to a clop *wink,wink,nudge,wink*) :P :trollestia:


802347 Teen rated clop... Methinks no.

Um... wow. This was surprisingly good. Tracked with fiery passion!

I see much potential here with my favorite DJ and her friend.

One tiny thing: it's 'alley mules', not 'ally mules'.

Interesting take on Octavia, I like it.

I'll admit, I didn't think you were ever actually going to write this, but I'm glad you have. I'll be watching this with great interest, and I know you'll make it awesome.
I'll do chapter reviews when things start happening, although I don't know how long you plan on making this.

Oh, and Teddy, step your game the hell up mah boi. This is an Octascratch – pretty much my all-time favourite ship. The grammar better be spot on next chapter, and no inconsistencies either pls. :moustache:

Hmm, this is pretty good. a few missing words here and there, but still good.

Will be waiting to see how this goes.

Hmmm, this is good. I like the fact that you took a different approach from the standard OctaScratch stories. Watching with increasing interest.


Maybe I should step up my writing... :fluttercry:

"Meagre background existence"

Very drôle, my good man.

Hmm this story has piked my interest. Such in-depth tought.:scootangel: FAVE IT!


That is actually an awesome idea. Hell I might even go with that in this story, although she didn't get hired for that originally. :rainbowlaugh:

This is... Amazing. Congratulations are in order. Good job, fine sir.

Seems like a quite interesting premise. Not sure what exactly she'd do at the club, but will likely be rather "fitting", Equestria wise :P

Hmm, I've never read an Octavia with that level of rebellious streak before, though her having overbearing parents might as well be canon at this point. Very nicely done, and I look forward to seeing how you develop her and Vinyl's characters.

I'm writing a fic about these two as well!! (It's a human story too just so you know.) I only have 2/5 chapters done, but give them a read sometime?

Now disregarding that, I wasn't expecting such a great story! I mean this is almost exactly how I depicted a romance between these two would start out! great work! you got a like from me! :rainbowkiss:

Just started reading and already it has got more potential than the ass-hole of a person that just ate his own body weight in Mexican food. Will be tracking :twilightsmile:

By the way, nice take on Octavia :3

Psst! "It was well past midnight" is the correct form. "Passed" is a verb. You're looking for the adjective indicating that time has elapsed since a particular moment.

When Octavia's father said, "…don't expect to be welcomed home until you've learned some respect," All I could think of was Octavia shouting back, "I have respect. Self-respect. No self-respecting mare would allow her father to dictate the way she lives her life, and it is out of respect for myself that I am leaving." But perhaps that would be for another chapter, maybe as the armor-piercing statement that breaks her father's insistence upon controlling her life.

and then it would be all like

Octavia earned the power of self-respect!
Guts +5
Heart +6
Smarts +7
Moxie +8


I know.

If you spot a typo, it's likely there as a simple mistake and not due to ignorance.

That's a good line, I wish I had thought of it.

832706 I don't write stories myself, but every now and then something pops into my head that just seams so perfect I feel I should share it in hopes that the author might like it enough to take it and play around with it; I certainly have no use for it on my own. Thinking about it, though, it wouldn't fit in the first chapter. Such a line would be more appropriate once Octavia has gone under more extensive character development, a point where she feels she can better stand her ground against her father. He would probably make some sort of remark about her coming crawling back or something before mentioning the "terms" of his invitation to return.

That and Octavia discovering Jura whiskey for the first time. I don't recall anyone who has actually done anything describing how she developed a taste for it; it's always just sort of been a preference of hers. Your premise here is one of the few situations I can think of that would be more than just an arbitrary reason for her to try drinking for the first time; having her start out a few days south of proper isn't very common. Although, I suppose you would actually have to have a bit of experience with drinking if you were going to write about it.

I can only imagine what her first time getting smashed would be like…so long as it doesn't get her into too much trouble.

Sorry this took so long. I hope to update faster in the future.

Thanks to Agarwaen for inspiring the dancing idea, I hope you all like the direction this is taking.

And remember, comments fuel my progress.

My bad for how long it took. Sorry.

But hey, I'm back to editing, so there's that. :twilightsmile:

I have to say I have never seen Octavia/Scratch in this situation before. I sense the :trollestia: factor will be high in this story.

oh noes please tell me that raindrop isnt going to be strong arm octy and make her give up some of her bits... probably not but more then likely she is going to be telling her in no uncertain words that she better not get any funny ideas with vinyl. oh and congrats on the feature box


are you wondering what clop/shipping is?

this would be considered shipping, pairing ponies

clop is... have somepony else explain that to you:twilightoops: I despise both

I think octy's dad will go to this bar and see that she's dancing with another mare on stage

That last sentence does not bode well with me... Something about it just doesn't seem like any good could come out of that....

I look forward to more. As it seems so far, both Octavia, and Vinyl haven't become major players in the music world. I'm hoping they will at least by the end of this fiction, which is amazing. This is a new spin on this shipping that I've never seen before, and I must say I quite enjoy it.

I love this Octavia! She isn't snooty like most versions of her are, she feels more relatable.


Thank you, that's really what I was going for. I love Octavia and think she's absolutely adorable. I hate what our fandom does to her though. Allegrezza pulled of the snooty Octy well, but most people make her seem like a straight up bitch.


Well hopefully you won't be disappointed then. I'm actually working on composing a song that I'll share with you all later, meant to be a song they make together in the fic.

Here, in the Midlands of England, it is 4am. I'm supposed to be tired as fuck right now but reading this story has now just gave me fuel to take it to 5 or 6am. Seriously though, this take on Octy and Vinal is awesome. Looking foward to the next update. :twilightsmile:

919607 :pinkiegasp: Nothing I've read till the end disappointed me (Much less an ImJustAnotherBrony fic). If I am disappointed in something I make my voice known and give reasons why. You have zero idea how excited I am to hear I get a new Octavia x Vinyl song.


"Two's Company, Three's a Crowd" also straddled the line between snoot and snark well, with dashes of lovey-dovey and silly. Actually, I can't really think of a "bitchy" Octavia story. maybe I just avoid them well.

Comments fuel your progress?



This is SO late, but...Kingdom of Loathing reference?

@ImJustAnotherBrony: very nice start to the story so far, though I do have one question about chapter one.

Initially, she said her cello was awful, but then a bit later she lamented not having it with her. Is this just some sort of love/hate relationship? Or an accidental contradiction.

:flutterrage: ANOTHER!


It's more of a psychological thing. When Octavia seemed to resent her cello, it's because she was relating it to her current situation directly. When she missed it, it's because she felt unsure of herself, and her cello is where her confidence is. It was meant to symbolize her uncertainties towards her leaving everything she knew behind.


Ah, Alright, that makes sense. Anyway, always a fan of OctaScratch, and both mares in general. You pull them off quite well, while adding your own personal flair in their personalities.

I have to admit, i was a little worried before reading, because I generally enjoy Octavia's usual personality (I don't usually see many fics where she's too snooty, more than anything a little uptight). My fears were unfounded though, as I'm still really enjoying this, even if it's not how she's normally portrayed. I haven't noticed much difference in Vinyl apart from her not already being famous on the DJ scene, but that may be just me. Either way, keep up the great work.

Loving the fresh take on Tavi and Vinyl. :rainbowkiss: It's nice to see them doing something different than getting into arguments over which music is better at their first meeting. Looking forward to the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

919791 No it's not Fluttershy (although Fluttershy going to clubs and hitting on fillies would be pretty awesome) it's actually Raindrops

855067 Eeyup... I know that feeling...

Keep on keeping on man.

Great story, I really enjoyed it! Can't wait for more.

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