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312674 Well. It's ten to 8 now, but sure. :P
And gosh, you suck. >.< That was a one off thing, I'd have no idea how to continue it. Even if I went to reread the thing, I'd end up wanting to rewrite it. Cause I bet it sucks, it was really a sit-in-front-of-word-until-inspiration-strikes idea. Literally pulled out of the gooey mess in my brain. Really forcefully.
Am I making it clear enough how much I despise it yet? D:

And well, sure. :D We can brainstorm ideas for your big spotlight story and everything! The main one I use is skype, if you have it?

312620 if GMT is 7pm right now, I seem to be in GMT+2 (normally GMT+1) then xD

you are bored? make a sequel of "Talk about Awkward" or something xD loved that one. :D
and be happy, that you are only bored now, I'm bored all the time xD

hey, want to talk via an instant massenger or something? then i wouldn't have to rethink every sentence ten times until it looks presentable xP gosh, i'm too bold for my own good.:facehoof:

312584 Seeeee. You could do some joke fic about their flexibility. :trollestia: My gutter mind would appreciate reading an Appledash fic like so. Very much.
And I get what you mean. On Christmas I really wanted to pound a story out of myself, so the one I had came out seriously short/crappy/rushed. :P I consider the shorts better. The thing that first struck up that was 'But she was gone when autumn came' and 'Storms we cannot weather'. Fall weather friends/weather pegasi. Boom.
Get what I mean? :D The little details helpppp

You have an alter ego now? xD Nice to meet you! I'm GMT time though, right now it's... 7:12pm. I've been especially bored today, don't know what to do with myself. D:

312497 indeed xD

what I like/love? mh...let's see...the (unique) ideas/plotlines of the authors who write something about them? :D
I love the flexibility stories with the background ponies can have :] (god, that sentence is so messed up)
Sometimes I think "hey! writing something of my own would be fun!" then I think about what kind of plot it would have... then nothing comes to mind and the urge to write, lost. D:

urm....my curiosity wants to ask in which timezone you live. My curiosity, not me, two entirely different things.i.imgur.com/NBEDt.png

310742 ~headdesk~ Excuse my stupidity. It might've helped if I looked over there to begin with. D:
The only one I'm familiar with is Appledash. :D I know lots of people love the background ponies though, so I wouldn't be a stranger to it!
What I think you should do is think of what you love about the two ships... then shove them together into a plotline. :D It's what I do and it generally seems to work out, lol

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