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Slogan: Everyone is a little crazy on the inside, some are just afraid to show it!

What do we think about life?

Our Theme:

This is basically a group for the people who wanna have a lot of fun! You can do stupid and fun things and you don't need any common sense or this thing called... responsibility! But don't get too stupid... we still have to be nice.:scootangel:
I'm talking to you Jerry!:flutterrage:
So here... take the time to view the rules down here:
Let's start with the no's:

1. Nopony should be rude
2. No bad language which means I'm excluding the f word only (No bans for this one, I'll just have people scream at your face: *gasp* OH HONEY NO! LANGUAGE!
3. No NSFW things
And the Yes's:

1. You can post your stories here
2. You can be stupid
3. You can even treat this place as your personal blog... but don't brag too much, kids!
Also: There will be contests! There will be live Kahoot! There will be cookies!

Adios! And Have Fun!

If You have A Problem: PM one of the Admins:
Yorkie Pie
Sparkly Pie

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