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I have appeared and nobody cares~

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Readable Stories!

Ideas for Stories

1. An origin story that explains what happened to create the Elements of Harmony and other ancient mysteries. (in progress)

2. A story about researchers examining the Mane Six and studying their friendship for science. They researchers plan on dissecting the Mane Six to understand the reasons why the ponies are they way they are some with wings, some with horns, and all with the mysterious cutie mark. The facility is of course futuristic with unreal technological defenses that trouble the Mane Six as they attempt to escape. Idea for title: Friendship is Science: What is Friendship? (for sale)

3. The MC make a potion that can give them cutie marks, but it backfires and they end up switching bodies. And if they don't fix the situation they got themselves into within 72 hours, they better get used to their new bodies because there stuck their permanently. (for sale)

Ideas with the (for sale) tag are available for anyone to take just as long as they negotiate with me about using it first and I get credit.

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If I am not mistaken, you "came back" not too long ago.,,

Welcome back; I'd say you're just in time! :twilightsmile:

what up friend

No problem! I'm interested in seeing the tale develop, and thus far I have the utmost confidence in you, be ye as new as ye be. :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Solar_Rays deleted Sep 7th, 2013

I want to follow you but the stupid mobile version won't let me! …help me, please!

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