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I love pie, Pokemom, MLP and demigods!



Who is best pony? Trixie

Who is second best pony? ME!

Who is the pony you most want to see in season three: Colgate or Rainbowshine

Who is best pony in mane six? Twilight

Who is best fan-made pony? Snowdrop

Who is best background pony? DJ Pon3

Who is second best background pony? Bon Bon

Who is least favorite pony? Scootalloo, Cuz she has no story!

Who is least favorite pony in mane six? Applejack

Who is your OC? Princess Bubbledust!


IM SORRY~! · 12:21am Jun 24th, 2014

Hi guys im sorry I haven't been on :(. I`ll be on more. I would like to post some of my non-ponies stories, okay? I have a lot of reading but I will be on. And ill show you some new art and OCs too. That`s it :)
Bye,Bubbledust loves ya~!

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I loves yous toos :pinkiehappy:


thank you for the watch

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