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OK, so, I've decided to put The Ones We Leave behind on hiatus. Now, don't everyone freak out at once!! (Cricket cricket) Basically, the story wasn't going anywhere. I mean, I had it all planned, but i couldn't figure out how to bridge the gap between them meeting and getting married and the death and stuff--everything i tried sounded rushed. It was a good story line, but.... Meh execution. I'll probably try re-writing it once I'm done with.... pause for dramatic effect... My next story! That's

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794395 I asked for you to draw a moon with scenes like luna and her family, and her turning evil, and one with her as a filly walking with Sombra while leaning on him (she loves him).

I'll give you two months or more if needed.


793705 Let's see... what was it you requested again? Sorry, I had a big pile up of things to do and it kinda got buried :twilightblush:

772593 So Liquid Flames how is the cover art coming.

772493 OMG I love them! Thank you so much!! :pinkiehappy::heart::pinkiehappy::heart:

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