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Rainbow Dash usually had her head in the clouds, but she always thought she knew up from down. When an incredible revelation sends her life into a tailspin, she finds herself at the mercy of emotions she never thought she had, faced with hard questions and impossible choices.

Life is full of changes, but none of them are quite as disturbing as having a horn pop out of your skull…

Original Lauren Faust canon; non-alicorn Twilight, non-alicorn Cadance, no ascension. Diverges from the cartoon after season 3, with nods to later continuity wherever possible. Contains mature themes.

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Ah, love this story, glad to see it on here. :pinkiehappy:

No wonder the third chapter took so long though; it took me two or three hours to read.

Sweet! Another of the fics I've been following is now here! Though you need to see if you can post "Mommy Nearest" here as well.

Yay. I love this story. It's incredibly well writen. The mane 6's mannerisms are absolutely perfect. Thank you for such a wonderful story

Hmmmmmmm this cover has defenetely caught my attention. Wait for a review later that day

does thjis m,ake scootaloo an alicorn as well?

Twilight the troll. I like your style.

i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Hello, fillies and colts! Stalin here, bringing yet another installation on STalinview! Now, when i almost finished all stored Stalinview comissions, i decided to take some good stories again!

i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png This story is a special case though. Misha saw the picture for your story and it immideately caught his attention
i39.tinypic.com/35bxab6.png Right-o *hic*
So, before digging into harendously long chapters, let's analyze the picture and say why it is awesome!
i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Are you ready team?

i40.tinypic.com/2wptjee.png Stupid question.

i39.tinypic.com/35bxab6.png Of course we are!

i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Okay, let's dig into Prologue!


i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Okay, what we see on a cover.

i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png First of, Celestia and Rainbow Dash are facing each other, while Rainbow has horn. Hm, guess that's where name of this fic came from.
i40.tinypic.com/2wptjee.png The idea of mare six becoming alicorns is a little bit overused though.

i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Next thing what catching our eyes is first form Luna (guess fic taking place before season 2) and Filomene, fighting with some pegasus ponies.
i39.tinypic.com/35bxab6.png This is easily BEST part of a picture. It is done perfectly.

Next thing we see is Twilight Sparkle, surrounded by cloaked figures of unicorn ponies. This scene is just screaming "Badass!"
i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Oh, and there is some silly-drawn old geezers in a middle, but let's not look at them. They are unnesessary for this cover.

i40.tinypic.com/2wptjee.png Buuut as for title, it is lame. No offence. I mean not name of fic itself, but how it is written.

i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png First of, it has no perspective. Reader's eyes are displeased to see it. It sould be in middle or further to the left.
i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Second, while font itself is fine, it's a little TOO rainbow-ish. I know, this story suppose to be about Rainbow, but still...

i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Okay, COVER OVERVIEW:
i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png This cover screams "badass" and attracting readers to the story. It would be PERFECT without those 2 silly stallions and text though.

i39.tinypic.com/35bxab6.png Either way, Good Job, Shocktarts! You are really lucky to have a friend like this, autor.

i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Moving to the Prologue!


i40.tinypic.com/2wptjee.png Oh, by the way, since this is a sequel, dont pay too much attention to things you dont know, boss
i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png I know, i know.

"Her suffering had gone quietly into the night, replaced by a serenity that manifested in every gentle motion and soft exhale. Her face, formerly the province of anguish and misery, was liberated by a smile that stretched from ear to ear."
i42.tinypic.com/1r4u8n.png Guess i ALREADY must read the sequel to understand what is wrong with Rainbow Dash

"Dreams of being held by a wonderful, faceless mare, who licked her wounds when she was hurt and comforted her when she was afraid. The warmth of her body. The familiar fragrance of her mane. A gentle voice filled with love, whispering soft words to her when all she knew was pain and fear.
i40.tinypic.com/2wptjee.png Calm down, boss!
i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png I CANT! I voved to myself to never read this kind of stories!
i39.tinypic.com/35bxab6.png Let's just see what next, boss! I bet this story is not about lesbian relationship
i43.tinypic.com/14ux72x.png *huff*... Grrr... Okay... Let's try.

"Her mother’s scent was replaced by the unpleasant odors of antiseptic and gauze."
i40.tinypic.com/2wptjee.png See?
i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png ...
i40.tinypic.com/2wptjee.png It's not lesbian.
i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png ... But previous paragraph looked like it. Ok, heat down. Next.

i39.tinypic.com/35bxab6.png Waaaaaiiiit... Is CELESTIA her mother?
i40.tinypic.com/2wptjee.png Sequel, boss.
i42.tinypic.com/1r4u8n.png I know! I am just.. so confused.
i39.tinypic.com/35bxab6.png Here, drink vodka
i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Thanks, Misha


i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Seem's like Celestia is not her mother after all. Well, that was utterly confusing.

Celestia nuzzled her. “I’m your mother, my little Freyja.”
i40.tinypic.com/2wptjee.png *sigh*
i39.tinypic.com/35bxab6.png Awwwww. How cute!
i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png i40.tinypic.com/2wptjee.png

"I cried so hard I couldn’t raise the sun. I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t believe it was in your best interests. The High Court of Canterlot would never have accepted you."
i40.tinypic.com/2wptjee.png Yeah. And still you risked her life making her banish dragon, making her fight with discord ect. You're such a good mother, Celestia! Bravo!
i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Pioneer, a little less poison, okay?
i40.tinypic.com/2wptjee.png Grrr.

"The warmth of her body. The smell of her mane."
i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Stop it!

i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Okay, time for overview.


i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Well, aside from all my whining and confusion, this is a very promising story.
Yeah, the idea of Celestia being Rainbow's mother is fresh and i am sorta curious in that story.
i39.tinypic.com/35bxab6.png It's deep too. Many poetry! Misha loves poetry! And vodka! *hic*
i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png I am interested in that story.... buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut all other chapters are HARENDOUSLY LONG. Ten Thousand Letters! I defenetely can't take it without my electronic book. And even with it, it will take quite a lot of time.
i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Althou, i CAN Stalinview other chapters, but only if it will be some sort of benefit for us.
i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png Are you thinking what i am thinking?
i39.tinypic.com/35bxab6.png Vodka?
i43.tinypic.com/14ux72x.png no, stupid bear. Let's make an offer.
i40.tinypic.com/bjbmvs.png A basic offer for a stalinview comission, really. Autor, i shall gladly do a stalinview on your other chapters, if you shall make "basic payment", which is to read my storyn and do some sort of review on it (or at least comment on it)
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You'd think that if Pinkie is also one of Celestia's daughters she would be getting the same treatment. (Shipped off to Canterlot, alicorness, etc.) but I suppose Pinkie can break ALL the rules.


To clear some things up, This fic was made all the way back when the fandom was in its infancy, so it's actually one of the original "Member of the Mane six turns into an alicorn" fics and some of its information is outdated.

Also needing clarification is the fact that this story is infamous for taking a ridiculous amount of time to produce a new chapter. The wait period between chapters 2 and 3 was five or six months. That's right, almost half a year for a single chapter. I do hope the author is going to pick up the pace a little. After all, I can name several authors who can write and edit a 40,000 word chapter in a week.

Pinkie's not Celestia's daughter, Her dad was Rainbow Dash's father. Read "Mommy Nearest" to understand how all this happened.

422126 I already read Mommy Nearest, but I assume I missed something. Now that I look back, I suppose it does point to that being the case. I hate it when I think something is wrong but when I point it out it turns out the problem was just my own ignorance. The newborn foul that father had in Mommy Nearest was Pinkie Pie, that makes a lot more sense.

Oh YES!!! I'm so glad you posted this here so I could review it!!

I freaking LOVE this story. 'Mommy Nearest' was SUCH an interesting concept and I'm glad someone ran with it! Rainbow Dash adjusted to Canterlot is epic and I loved her explosion at the Domo and the Grays and the epicness of her leading Captain Jerk-Off on a race around the city. Classic.

Glad to see Twilight brought in. I swear, when you posted the new chapter on April 1st I was excited and terrified, afraid that it was just going to be an April Fool's day prank. I was SO relieved when it wasn't! This is one of the stories you check every day to see if it updated yet or not, it's that good. And now that the enemy has been revealed, I can't wait to see how Rainbow Dash and Twi fit in.

The characters are larger than life and really well developed, the pacing is great, the descriptions awesome and the story intense.

I love it! :heart::heart::heart:

well i say
this story is creative
very very creative
i like it
keep it goin

Three more things

1.)"Guess i ALREADY must read the sequel to understand what is wrong with Rainbow Dash"
This is the sequel, you got to read the original.

2.)"'—that thing with the parasprites, the one time with Fluttershy and the stupid bird…'
Out of character. Celestia would never call anything stupid."

That was Dash talking, not Celestia, so it was completely in character.

3.) Democracy rules, Communism drools.:rainbowwild:

Oh, goody. Another one who does not understand parodies -_-


Oh, I get you're parodying him, I just wanted to see your reaction. I'm kinda disappointed.

There is another stalin who is not parodying. Joseph Stalin i think. Go molest him :trollestia:

WHOA. Is that a Character-Is-An-Alicorn story that ISN'T about Twilight?

Trackfaved + thumbed. NOW TO READ IT!

EPIC is too small a word to describe this story. It's absolutely brilliant, do you hear me? NEVER STOP WRITING!
(Once I read the next chapter I'm gonna have to wait for a month, aren't I? All the good stuff always updates so SLOW.)

422070 Pinkie isn't Celestia's daughter as well. Rainbow and Pinkie have the same father, not mother

Love this story, glad to see it here.

Wow you actually took my advice (I was the one who suggested putting this on Fimfiction on EqD). TYS MAN.


The last chapter is by far the best chapter. Prepare to be even more amazed.

oh great why do i always find great fics that take months upon months to update....

i mean it's usually worth it but the wait kills me.

WOAH WOAH WOAH! BACK UP A BIT! Sweetie Belle?! NO! NOT SWEETIE BELLE! She's my favorite little filly!! I hope that somepony saves her! Is she in Canterlot?! If she is, I hope that Rainbow Dash or somepony saves her!:flutterrage::fluttershysad::raritydespair::applejackconfused::applecry::unsuresweetie:

Heh. I read this story already on Fanfiction, but since there's new chapters, I will read them too.

Loved the first one and good tweak at the end there! I read the first sequel!:pinkiehappy:

421916 :twilightoops:..............well ok then:eeyup:

So how about that story?

This is the second time I have seen one of your STalinview comments. How often do you do these?

Woot! Now all we just need to get the original author to post the original fic to FimFiction, and I'll be set! :raritystarry:

Often enough that I am well aquainted with the phenomenon. Not so often that it has gotten boring yet. :trollestia:

421916 Excellent overview Comrade, Heavy Salutes you! :derpytongue2:

The only weird thing I find in both the first and this story is that Mr Pie is the father. It's just weird.

Other than that I love the story, let's hope it doesn't get too dark.

"To make peace, prepare for war."
Jeez, the amount of OCs here could put LTD or Three of Me to shame...need a new one? I'm here, ready to kick ass and chew bubblegum...but I'm all out of gum!

too bad you couldn't put "mommy nearest" as a prelude chapter or something...

And I have to say--- I read the original version of this first chapter, where, if even for only the moment, Celestia and RD reconcile in a tearful embrace. I liked it MUCH better.

I think you're confused. Pinkie isn't one of Celestia's daughters in this story.
Pinkie's Rainbow Dash's half-sister, related through their father. This was hinted at when Pinkie asked about several years' worth of birthday presents and Princess Celestia replied saying that then, Pinkie's father would owe for several years' worth of alimony/child support.

422070 I think that Pinkies dad is the parent that makes them sisters but I don't know for sure.

well, the foreshadowing in this one was subtle like a sledgehammer. Looking good so far

PLEASE tell me you're not going to kill off SWEETIE BELLE of all ponies....:applecry::pinkiesad2::raritycry:

Well, i did that often, but there was roo much comissions for stalinviews was store, and i decided to do them first before making random ones. But now i almost finished them and this cover caught my attention.

"We must save the baby!"

you have no idea how much i will read this later. but for now, as it is saturday, i must watch the show. expect me later.

47,420 words total?

*sigh why cant i get the pictures to work? :fluttercry:anyways its a challenge accepted pic...

I really, REALLY hope that it turns out that Luna is innocent and not a traitor. While I am enjoying the story so far, the Ascendancy being servants of Night Mare Moon and their recent activity suggest that Luna is becoming Night Mare Moon again. Still, I have tracked this story and I cannot wait to see more of it despite my worry for Luna.


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