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Fire Spirit

Fire Spirit is my OC that i created. I'm working on a fanfic but I love to read a lot. I like darker stuff but that doesnt mean I dont like a little romance. I love rule 63 rarity (elusive) too

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Okay i have a confession: i really like the rule 63 of Rarity, Elusive.
I mean ever sense I read On a Cross and Arrow I have been listening to colt version of songs and situations from the show mostly things that depict Elusive. My favorite Elusive song is the Art of the Vest you should listen to it it is really good. I actually found this site when reading the fan fic Giving Love a Helping Hoof on a different site but the author stop posting on that site and moved to this one. *Spoilers* its about the Mane 6 falling in love with their male copies and some of my favorite parts were with Elusive. So in a nutshell I love Elusive. Does that make me weird? Yes. But i could really care less.

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Temporary Take Down · 10:23pm Jul 24th, 2015

Im sorry guys but im revinsing Shadow's Curse.....again
i reread it and i really thought it could be better so ill put it back up in a little but when im done
I wont be to long.
Thanks to all the people who do like the story im hoping you all will like it better when im done
Stay awesome my friends

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For some reason the picture I see at the top, the R-63(I think that's what it is) Mane six, reminds me so much of Ouran High School Host Club.

1197498 your welcome and thanks.

Thanks for the fave :twilightsmile: hope you liked it

Oh and welcome to the site :yay:

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