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During a blissfully rare calm in the hectic storm of Ponyville life, a disturbance in the Everfree Forest goes undetected. After receiving a summons from the Princess, Twilight and her friends are led into a curious task, one that they find themselves ill-prepared to handle - managing their stallion double! As each of the girls meets their very own carbon-copy-colt, they learn that dealing with themselves can be much more frustrating than they first thought.

Annoyingly, irritatingly, intoxicatingly frustrating.


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I thought this had been abandoned. YAY.

Whoo! It's finally here!

Now, the question is, will it update?

(Joke) Alt. Title: With A Little Help From My Clone (I Want A Helping Hoof)
On Equestria Daily? Well, to quote Fluttershy: :yay: (BTW, it means I don't really care.)

Hmm, sounds pretty good. Alright I'll keep a eye on it. :raritywink:

Hmm, I stopped going to fanfiction.net and totally forgot of this story's existence for a long time... well, time to re-read! :pinkiehappy:


Now, the answer is,


Thanks for reposting!!!:pinkiehappy:

Hey, nice to see this all the way here!

Oh yay! To be able to preread for this story again! Huzzah!

I'm glad this site doesn't have FFN's problem of deleting wordsthatareconcatenatedtogether... :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

It should be
Annoyingly, irritatingly, intoxicatingly frustrating and handsome.
that would be funny xD

this reminds me of on a cross and arrow will read later

Hmm... good to see this resurrected.

Oh hell yeas

Hooray! Maybe this'll get this:

to update now!

This is my favorite fic and I am so glad it's not dead!!

how did twilight receive a letter from celestia if spike was away

Okay, I seriously need to continue reading this. Faved, upvoted, and burned holes in it with my eyes.

:pinkiegasp: GREAT SCOTT!
:applejackunsure: This is heavy...

“Though I'm sure her behaviour was exactly as rude,” remarked Dusk.

Not sure if we didn't catch it the first time, or if you just explained it forever ago and I forgot, but why would Dusk be assuming that SHE was exactly as rude? She's from his world, so he should be guessing about Blueblood, not Bluebelle

They must think you both look pretty, Pinkie, what else could it be? :pinkiehappy:

and in the morning... I'm making waffles!”

Donkey... :facehoof:

Wait, wait, wait...let me get this straight...

An R63 shipfic with an Equestria Daily feature? Oh HELL yes. Reading the FUCK out of this.

I remember this fic

“They're the stare masters!”
“They've mastered the stares!”

You got inspiration from Shrek, didn't you?:trixieshiftright:

Ooooh! A most intriguing beginning. I'm guessing the cloud is Celestia/Solaris. Onward!

2068844 Yeah I had a chuckle as well. :rainbowlaugh:

"Ah wonder why Big Macintosh is orange?"
THis line. It made my day.

well this IS a interesting way of getting out of the problem of find the perfect significant other, make them:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy: also this is just about where the poor fan gets hit and vaporized

D'awwww. That whole Fluttershy x Pine deal was adorable. This fic is going to give me type 29 diabeetus, I just know it.

This story is highly amusing and I am enjoying it immensely. Part of me wonders, though, if Rainbow and Scootaloo form the same bond they develop later in the series, how Scoots will react to having a big sister AND big brother.
I also would actually like to see Sweetie Belle's initial reaction to seeing Rarity alongside Elusive.


Yes. Everything I was hoping for.

Poor Skychaser...

Dat shrek reference was hilarious! :rainbowkiss:

-Kiryu :moustache:


Love ya. Love that story, love this one. And yes, ain't reformatting the worst?

I seen this story about a month ago!

Wow, featured and only 43 comments. I MUST READ AND MAKE POPULAR!

Yes! It's here folks, and what a story it is! Huzzah!

HAAAH!! Oh yes. Oh so much yes. A staring contest? Perfect. Absolutely brilliant. Your characterizations are great so far.

i love this soooooooooooo much:pinkiehappy:

Huh. I dunno what to think about what happened now. I thought there was a bunch of hints towards Solaris, but I guess that's not the case since the stallions are apparently from a world where only they and Blueblood are R63'd? Odd. Still, the best is yet to come...

Celestia is best matchmaker. :trollestia:

Ohhhhhh. It all makes sense now. Wonderful idea, actually. I really like the worldbuilding you've done here. Especially the Celestia/Discord stuff.

Oh, dear. The CMC are going to make this MOST amusing. I'm loving how differently all the six pairs are reacting, and yet they're all steadily growing closer...

Ruh roh. CMC incoming, brace yourselves!

That's how Scootaloo scootarolls!

I see what you did there...

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