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This story is a sequel to Graphs

...or Internal Conflict if you don't like math.

Rainbow Dash has been having an awesome time with her clone. Her friends have noticed.

After some well-meaning nagging and manipulating, Rarity has finally convinced Twilight to cast the cloning spell on herself and her friends. With one small alteration, of course. So things are shaping up to be entertaining as our old friends become acquainted with some new friends with varying degrees of success.

Meanwhile, a beast of legend has escaped from his prison. Although his changed nature has delighted one of Equestria's rulers, what he brought with him may become an issue.

And by issue, I mean a peril.

Fun times ahead.

Cover art by this fabulous person.

Alternate Universe tag because we're pretending Discord was never reformed.

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But where was Spike? Doesn't he, y'know, live there? And why wasn't he part of the experiment? The synopsis says "the rest of her friends". Does that imply there's already a Barb walking around? Will she pop up later as a surprise development that relies on the fandom's annoying tendency to obsess over the mane six - and its even more annoying tendency to completely forget that Spike is a far, far closer friend to Twilight than any of those ponies could ever be - in order to function?

Oh, wait. I think I just answered all my questions.

Let's get this pajama party started.

That was good. I loved Graphs, so I'm glad the sequel didn't take long to arrive.

3885051 It was early. Spike was in bed. He also hasn't the time for Twilight's shenanigans.

It is here.

I honestly didn't think it'd be out this fast :rainbowderp:

EDIT: Shocking how much Blitz and I have in common...

...or Internal Conflict if you don't like math.

Wait, how could anyone not like math? :rainbowhuh:

Everyone loves math. :twilightsmile: But now, Blitz has some drinking buddies, that's not going to be good.


Interesting if we put some more Rule 63 Mane 6 (and spike) characters in there


I insta-fav'd because Graphs was a great fic :rainbowkiss:
I got confidence this will be just as good :twilightsmile:

Man, Dashie in that picture is so bloody cute.

*just finished reading charts overnight*
WELP I've been tired all day but I finally finished reading charts! :pinkiesad2:
Who needs sleep anyway? :pinkiehappy:

Eh I got too lazy to see if that was the correct name :twilightblush:
What I meant to say was graphs
Great job by the way with the story! It kept me up all night :pinkiesmile:


Aww, c'mon. Who could possibly not have time for Twilight's shenanigans? Besides, it's two Spikes doing work around the library. Chores done in half the time!

And two dragons to gawk over Rarity and Elusive, and then Spike and Barb compete for the affection of their respective loves. Or Barb helps Spike get with Rarity.

C'mon, there's tons to do with it! Could be fun, too!

3897149 Too late. Spike wasn't in the room let alone in the circle. Besides, he's got his new career as a physician to take care of.

This is gonna be good.

Also, I really like your take on almanacs in Equestria. Very clever.

Oh, and thanks for the mental image of AJ's clone having a hat as part of his physical body.
...I'm honestly not sure whether or not I'm being sarcastic there.

In any case, looking forward to more.


-Hat merges into AJ's clone's head-

Dammit, Rarity! I told you it was too dangerous! :twilightangry2:

Wow. I just finished Graphs the other day, and then I go on here and tadam, there's a sequel! Definitely reading this one too once it completes (I don't read incomplete stories. And I can wait).

Clever chapter title, that. You even managed to reference the song at the end of the closing for Graphs, let alone the fic in its entirety. :raritywink:

3940584 Yeah. I totally meant to do that and am not just now noticing the reference. Totally.

I thought the ha was already one of AJ's organs :ajsmug:
anyway this did not disappoint!

I died once I saw this was posted. :pinkiehappy:

Awww yeah! Love the sequel already!:pinkiehappy:
Can't wait for the new chapter^^


Yes, I think we ordered the B-Plot with a side of madness. :pinkiecrazy: It should also have a salad with sliced innuendo and topped with fluffy. Also, romantic subtext dressing on the side for flavor. Also, the whole thing needs to be topped with cheese. Lots of cheese... and bacon. :pinkiehappy:

That is one hell of a B plot :rainbowderp:
I like it though! :pinkiesmile:

Quite the interesting B plot.

4071715 Couldn't have said it better myself.

HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It lives!

I love me some DisLestia. And you have a near perfect portrayal of a non-evil discord here. Playful without bein mean, and fun without being annoying, well, to the reader anyway.

Glad this is back on the rails.

I'm guessing the mark on her hoof isn't only a burn.

Hmm. Incinerating a tangible blob of capital-M Malice and ending up with a irreversibly blackened hoof? No, I don't see how that could possibly be worrisome...

In any case, I get the feeling that Discord is going to be very proud of Twilight when he sees what she's wrought. Looking forward to more, especially the details behind the blob o' evil.


If a certain series with a certain elderly wizard who also obtained a blackened appendage is of any indication, we can probably safely assume your guess is so on the mark, it split the arrow in two! :pinkiehappy:

Elderly....I'm assuming you're not talking about Harry Dresden, then.



So apparently I have another book series to catch up on. Great. :pinkiecrazy:

Not really digging the DisCelestia. I feel as though they aren't really meant to be. I mean with the whole, y'know, not really having anything in common, the fac that they were, for a good portion of the show, enemies.. Also, was really hoping this story would focus on the Mane 6 and their clones. :unsuresweetie:

4074140 Don't worry. Focus will be on the clones for the rest of the story. As for Dislestia, I'll just have to ask you to bear with me.

If it makes you feel any better, I've not read any of them at all. I had just finished watching the TV series a few months ago when I found TWO Harry Dresden MLP crossover fics about a week later on the front page. Both were very good reads. :twilightsmile: One of those two also now has a sequel.

Does this mean the Pythagorean theory of fanfiction will take place? You know, A plot plus B plot equals a C plot?

4074174 Alright, I guess I'll trust you on it. Still don't like DisCelestia, but I can deal with it I guess. :unsuresweetie:

Huh... This came unexpected.
And I can't shake the feeling that the black stuff on Celestias hoof is just cinder. She might be in for being taken over by the ...thing, whatever it is.
And stuff just got somewhat complicated.:pinkiecrazy:

The Pythagorean theorem states that the square of c is equal to the sum of the square of a and the square of b assuming it's a right triangle.
a and b= other sides

4100488 I know what the pythagorean theorem states in accordance with a right triangle, I feel like your dodging my question.

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