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In some normal morning, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash have their world turned upside down when they are invited to the funeral of Maud Pie. The only thing they want to do is to comfort Pinkie Pie and make sure she is alright. But when they go to the funeral and see a party, they just don't know how to react to it.

Beautiful cover art by WingsOnTheBus

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Good story, glad I could help

O_O what!? I thought she was your least favorite so thus you don't write or read fanfics about her much.

This is a weird sort of way to honor the dead. I have never been able to understand the perspective of celebrating death. Never been to a funeral either. Only thing that I can say that I think was wrong with the story was the chapter title. Corpse Party! sounds kind of mean to the deceased, but it's just an mild opinion of taste on my part.

Just because she is my least fav doesn't mean I can't write her

4832434 About celebrating death, I can see this as a way to not suffer so much by the death of someone we love. You focus on the bright side of the life of this someone, on the things you liked of the person, instead of think about them being dead or how much you will miss them. It is like a "easier" way to overcome the dead of someone, but it just work if you can be that optimistic. (I'm not sure if I made myself clear?)

And about the "Corpse Party" it is a reference to Homestuck. One of the characters that is not human, Aradia, refers to a human funeral as a corpse party, and she is really excited about do one (since she feels like it's a reason to celebrate), but the others characters think it is pretty morbid. I just thought it fits with this story and would be a perfect title for the chapter :3

4833343 Oh carry on then it's a fitting title.

I liked Dash's speech well done :)

That's such a cool idea about different races of ponies having different funeral traditions, and Rainbow's line about pegasus cremation was just so...:raritydespair: I also happen to share the headcanon that Fluttershy's father is a deceased earth pony. Overall, a very intriguing story idea and really kinda heart-wrenchingly written. :pinkiesad2: Well done!

4882025 Thank you! I'm glad I managed to pass the feelings I wanted with the story :twilightsmile:

What do you do with unicorn funerals then? Some sort of magical cremation where the ashes are used for some potion? Or those fancy cremations where the ashes are super compressed into nice crystals that can be used in jewellery (That last one is what we did with my mom, I wear her as a necklace)

4888122 I think that unicorns don't have a typical funeral as the others, every unicorn has their own way to treat the deceased.

But if I had to pick the most common funerals among the unicorns, they would be the crystals one, transform the body of the deceased in a statue, and put the deceased in a coffin made ​​of some gemstone (with some transparent portions so they can see at least the face of the deceased) along with some spell that would prevent decomposition to occurs and the coffin would be put in some mausoleum or something like that, so their loved ones could always visit the mausoleum and see the unicorn in the same way she/he was when he/she died.

The second one (the statue) is usually done when the deceased did something of great importance (or for Equestria or for their own family). And the third one (the gemstone coffin) is usually done when the deceased died too young.

that last sentence sounds far too creepy without context.Even with context it's still a little creepy.

It's a beautiful story.

4888122 wow. That is cool. A bit creepy at first though. Still wonderful

:raritycry: :raritycry::raritydespair: shirt soaked by tears 3 times.......

Poor Pinkie Pie. Maud meant so much to her.

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