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I'm just your average writer. I write stories and there's not much yo it beyond that.


Princess Twilight Sparkle thought she had a good life. A life filled with good friends, adventure, and happiness. All that is about to change when Celestia sends a note informing her about a family in need, only for said family to arrive on her door step mere seconds later. Now she's bringing to question everything she thought she knew as she deals with an entire extended family that has a unique view on life that will quickly drive the purple Alicorn insane. What's more her friend's aren't exactly helping her to preserve what little sanity she has left.

So join the fun with Equestria's newest residence. The Addams Family!

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Just wondering, which version of the Addams Family are you basing this on? The original, remake, animated remake, or the later movies?

6964421 sortof an amalgamation of all of the above yet not. I'm essentually making it up as I go. But the core of their personalities will remain the same

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