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Darkness Shade

Just an avid writer that recently got into the FiM fandom, enjoyed the show, had some silly thoughts, and so started writing a story that's gotten pretty big in a short time. Also Apps is best pony!



~In Another Time, Another Place....~
Darkness Night Shade never expected he'd call a land full of multi-color ponies his home, but as one to roll with a situation he's found a good niche for himself as a freelance detective of sorts. Teamed up with a bright-eyed Pegasus pony that's about as silly as he is, the two have made the most of the time since his arrival there. But one day, when somepony threatens to ruin Christmas for—
Hearth's Warming Eve~
Dang it Thunder Fire, stop ruining the description. Ahem, but when somepony threatens to ruin the Holidays for his friends, these two will go on a silly, wacky little adventure to save the day and bring about Christmas cheer.

(This story was written as a little goofy Christmas gift for mah friend Andrea over on dA. It was silly enough that Ah figured y'all might enjoy it too. It's a one shot but if'n enough of you like the two of them together Ah might write in this version of reality again one day. So give it a read and Merry Christmas to all! Oh, and there are other ponies in it, but Ah didn't tag them to keep it a surprise. :trollestia:)

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Comments ( 22 )

haha great story i do believe that if you wanted to whether it is just one shot or a full story you should definitely do more of this universe
loved the endingt as well by the way are the characters anthro or not?

>Darkness Night Shade

how edgy

Most interesting...

Haha, thanks. Well, mah friend that Ah wrote this for got a heck of a kick out of it so Ah might have to write something with these two again. :pinkiehappy: In fact, odds are Ah'll come up with some other silly idea that teams Dark and Thunder Fire up so Ah'm sure it'll happen again. Haha.
And the ponies are ponies, not anthro. Dark is a human looking half-demon save for the black wings sticking out of his back and the furry tail out his rear. But yeah, no anthros.
And yeah, Ah was gonna end it all romantic but Discord just seemed too perfect to pass up. :rainbowwild:
...and not to seem like one of those guys, but if ya enjoyed the humor in this mah main story Just Horsing Around is full of silly as well. Just throwing that out there, haha. =P

Eh, that's been mah online handle and Dark's official name for well over ten years now so that comments just a bit overplayed at this point. Hahaha. :pinkiesmile: Ah hope ya at least gave it a read and didn't discount it simply because of Dark's name being '2edgy4u' or something silly like that. :derpytongue2:

Now if that isn't the most crytpic response Ah've ever gotten from you, Ah don't know what is! :rainbowwild:
Glad ya found my tales from another reality interesting, because T-Fire is pretty awesome to team up with so there might be more from this world again some day. Count on it. :trollestia:

3675129 right thanks and if ya do post another of this universe then give me a heads up so i can read it





Oh ho, well played sir...or madam...whichever fits. :rainbowlaugh:
At least it only escalated to that, Ah'd hate to think we were getting into the territory of the damned with some '4edgy6me' stuff. :derpytongue2:

3670496 My real name is Shade, do you call me edgy for that?
<Goes back to writing an Alice crossover.>

4289555 Well excuse me if I didn't want to have an incredibly masculine name, I mean honestly, Alexzander + Girl = Bad idea.

all of my friends are dead

4289598 Well over half of my family is, and I moved away from all my friends but three.

walls serve no purpose other than notifying the illuminati of when I am vigorously fapping to badger porn

4289607 The floor is only there so the Government has an easier time hiding nuclear waste under our feet.

pizza hut was founded in the same year as nasa, concrete evidence that barrack obama is the resurrected michael jackson

4289702 Chopchop was formed in the same age as Obama was born.
Clear evidence that ponies is supreme.

...what the holy hell are you two going on about? :rainbowhuh:
What does any of that have to do with this story? Let alone the fact Ah got spammed with like 9 messages that all ended up being you two having some odd comment conversation on mah story.

About the only thing that makes any sense from that is that ponies are supreme, much like a pizza! :rainbowlaugh:


it was the edgy one who decided to reply to a 17 week old comment


4293587 I'm not edgy.


So... I thought to myself "I should read the comments first to decide wether or not to read the story..." and this happened...you guys should consider writing comedy together. This was by far the single most *naughtyword* up thing I have ever read. Thanks to you three I now have burning sinuses and a ruined keyboard(I'm typing this on my phone) due to a rather large amount of coca cola spewing from my nose. And I haven't been this happy in a long time... thank you. You have made my day.I'm goin to fave this based purely on these comments.

4792585 Don't do badgers, drugs. They smell like pineapple.

I'm flattered that you think that we work well together, but honestly some of the people here are way too edgy for my liking.

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