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Darkness Shade

Just an avid writer that recently got into the FiM fandom, enjoyed the show, had some silly thoughts, and so started writing a story that's gotten pretty big in a short time. Also Apps is best pony!


This story is a sequel to The Plot Before Christmas

In the same universe as The Plot Before Christmas...

Whilst cooking lunch for her human one day, Pinkie accidentally unleashes something that—once again—puts Ponyville in peril. Will she, her friends, their human Ryan as well as their friends Darkness Shade and Thunder Fire of the Bottom of the Plot detective agency be able to stop this spicy menace and save their home?

...p-probably. Ah mean, it's just a giant taco...how hard could it be to take down something like that?
...harder than you'd think.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 8 )

That was... a thing.

Seriously, what did I just read?!

Bravo for the use of taco-shattering kaboom.

I'm getting a drink of something alcoholic and going to bed now.

4783184 I am so sorry, I never thought this would happen!

Please... don't hate me!

Indeed! It was such a thing! :pinkiehappy:
I do beleive, good sir, that you read the chaotic expansions from a slightly insane author.
Well put, Dark....though the bit about mah sanity is probably not needed.
And thank you! The Taco-shattering kaboom seemed the perfect fit!
The story drove you to drink? :rainbowhuh:

Well, not a result Ah expected, but Ah'll take it! Yay!

No, no, Incog! Do not apologize! This was a great thing that was brought forth thanks to you. Mah imagination would've never come up with such an incredibly delightful tale were it not for that one night you posted a blog and allowed the free-form imagination train to burst forth out of the station!
So never apologize! Be proud of this thing that now exist! PROUD! :yay:

Your faithful—and sexy—student and friends...wait, Dark! Don't add that! Spike, no, don't send it yet—


Oh God!
We killed someone with our story!
What do we do?
Give it the D.S.S.A™?
Sounds about right. Also....Epic Resuscitation Punch of Justice! *impacts yer chest* LIVE, DAMMIT!

4792524 OW!!! GOD!! What the hell was that!? Oh no... not again... the invisible space hamsters from planet snoolgeldaarp are trying to get me again through my phone!!! Not THIS TIME!!! *leaps from window onto oddly shaped dragon with one very muscular human arm* hi ho Trogdor away!!!

4792311 Weeeeeell...

Sure, I guess I can be proud!

Here, have some liquid pride! At least it's not liquid remorse! That stuff isn't as great...

Well, here's to the beautiful story that I caused from a single blogpost! Cheers mate!

pretty cool i have to admit that in my opinion it wasn't as good as the first one of this universe also would it be possible to get some back story on this universe?

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