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This story is a sequel to It's Time to Get a Little Chaotic

It has been a while since Tom and his friends have heard form their Chaotic selves and they're really world selves are starting to get worried.
After telling his new girl friend and fellow Chaotic play, Anna, about his experience as well as their disappearance. Anne promise to get to the bottom of it. With her connection and friends behind her she decides to confront the player named Diz and uncover what happens to Tom and his friends.
But With secrets held on all sides can Anna get the answers she seeks?

(Pleas look her for info on Chaotic Please read Prequel first)

Chapters (5)
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3972309 3814321 give it Time I still working it. :fluttercry:
Next chapter has a 4 on 1 and I have to pick the right creatures on all sides.

3972309 hey aren't you in equestria right now how are you doing this?

3972719 don't stress too much remember there was originally four tribes and any player can use any creature some creatures and attacks get boosted stats depending on how many different tribes are in your side also I'm not certain but i think krellen would use that squirrel monster in his deck and i shutter to think of what the others have in their decks*shivers uncontrollablely*

3972719 Think you could please put the battle up next and soon?:fluttercry:

I think it took you too long to get this up. I want to see some more of Discord's choices on who he uses. I would also like to see some of his opponents reactions to him using one of the main 6. Oh, maybe make an omake chapter where he is fighting another player in a normal 6 on 6 match.

8523861Well, this is a part of a larger chapter but the Round One part of the battle was is taking too long to plan out.
So I am braking that chapter into smaller ones, so some of your ideas might be used to make up the other parts. Thank you by the way.
I will try to work on it more.

No, I prefer to just read and music makes that hard for me unless I tune it out.

8524136 Under stand I just wanted to know that was the music I was think about when writing this chapter, or rather part of a chapter.

Wait which Codemaster are Anna and Preston? Amzen and Imthor?

I thought Id never see something like this again ._.

I hope you continue this, though you really need a proof reader, lots of weird typos. I was hoping to see Tom's adventures in Equestria. Though now I am curious about what scans Discord could have, does her have Alicorn Twilight? Spike? Celestia? Himself? A changeling would certainly be fun, copying the opponent's creature. Maybe some Equestrian battle gear or mugic?

I hope to see you show a full 6-on-6 battle soon.

I mean't I thought I'd never see this franchise again, I haven't Chaotix in freakin forever ._.

You can do it Anna

This is going to be awesome, hope you finish soon

8757554>>10385912 Working on it. Thanks for asking

How's the next chapter looking by now?

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