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A Brony that reads...But not as much as Twilight.


The year is 2020 and the Nervegear, a device that allows you to go into the game as if it were reality, is out. Oddly enough, Hasbro is a front-runner for the system as they make an MMO revolving their well known show: MLP!

Now, thousands of players have entered the game to become ponies and experience living in the world of Equestria. Bonus...Discord is in the main villain! And, whether intentional or not, he takes control of the game and makes the experience even more deadly realistic. And what's more realistic than living to the fullest?

The only way to win is to find the Elements of Harmony and kill Discord himself. Meanwhile, two brothers are on their own mission entirely. So as player's are gathering the Elements, Electric Blitz and Light Chill are set to help everypony else until they everyone wins the game.

I owe all thanks to Raybony for making the awesome cover art!

Also, I'll be the first to say it. Yes. This is a story based off of Sword Art Online. But let me be the first to say this:
I hate the anime.
A lot.

The premise behind SAO is what I love. Being trapped in a game to survive. And while there are plenty of animes or movies that do this premise better, SAO is the one that had the most interesting world to me. Which is why I hate the anime because it doesn't DO anything about it.

I understand that there are people who will simply dislike a story because of what it's based around. And if, after reading a chapter, you don't like this story because of either of those facts, I understand. But please do not leave dislikes purely because it's based off an anme. If you dislike the story for a separate reason, feel free to point out why. I'm open to all criticism. Especially negative criticism.

This is a side-story to Shadowflame's Equestria Legends Online. If you're looking for the main story, that's the link you're looking for.

Chapters (5)
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dude where have you been all my life.

5668545 I'd put a picture up here, but for some reason my computer hates it when I try to put pictures in my comments.

So here's a link of a random person using Tonfas instead. And a second one, just to make sure. You might've seen the weapon before, but not the actual name.

Dunno why, but I've always liked those weapons. :twilightsmile:

I haven't been keeping up with you, man!
Besides making maps for CS:GO ( Awesome PC game made by Valve. You must check it out on Steam. ), Writing my story and Gaming.
I have not been reading many Fan/Fim fiction stories.
Hell, I'm reading all the Halo Novels on my Amazon Kindle!
I'll probably catch up on things I haven't read from you in the future.
Good to see that you're still writing though, Zeke!

Well, this is a tad bit awkward...seeing how we've been debating back and forth for a while now. :pinkiehappy:

I just have to say, it's a good thing it isn't a death-game from the get-go. Otherwise, people would literally die from falling on their muzzles or flanks too much, XD Celestia forbid anypony drops a banana peel, or the whole mass of players are doomed.

Also, I love the humor, I can't wait to see where the brothers end up going. Also, you haven't irked my inner-programmer. Well, done. :)

5681863 Thanks! I'm approaching the whole thing carefully. I have some ideas planned, but I'll have to be careful since the main storyline can't be crossed too much. Still, next chapter should be up soon.

One point...I am one point of health away from being killed by my own brother after I just got finished beating the crap out of a Timberwolf!

Well, that would be one hell if a way to go XD

“I-Uh-Y-Yeah I thin-” Before I could even come up with something, a player off to the side, a dusty-gold colored unicorn mare, turned to blue code and dissipated in seconds. A dark brown pegasus that was behind her looked just about as terrified about it as I did if not more.

Oh I wonder who that pegasi is:trollestia:

5688944 I made as many nods as I could towards the other stories while still staying in reason. Glad to see that you had spotted yours.

This story has a rely good start. Having your mind trap in a on-line game whit your little brother and losing him just when the deadly stakes have been stated adds a lot to the dram of the situation, and stets it well apart from the main story so that it doesn't rely interfere. I can image a hole host of possibility of what append th his brother, and i have no doubt that he will move heaven an earth to find him.
I'm looking forward to your next chapter:pinkiehappy:

5755108 Thanks, but I'm not the one who made it though.

So, here I was. I was walking down dark empty roads with a zipper on my mouth and a still open menu in my face. Some of my hair got stuck in that zipper too. You can only imagine just how disgustingly fun that was!

That sounds lovey :pinkiecrazy:

Although instead of there being numbers or small little lines—which I could never read anyways—all the numbers were replaced with the same word. Chaos.

I tried to find a 40k meme but I couldn't:raritydespair:

There was one difference to it though. Instead of five necklaces and a crown, there was only a picture. Of Discord. In a Sombrero, a funny-moustache, and maracas with the word ‘Congradulations’ above him looking misspelled and drawn with different crayons.


And now I want to have someone who only speaks spanish

5906723 Sadly I don't speak Spanish...Well enough anyways. I could hold a dumbed down conversation with a native of France, but not Spanish. Heck, just the other day my teacher needed me to take a message to the school's Spanish teacher (Who's first language is Spanish, mind you). I took it, knocked on the door, one of the students answer it and the first word uttered from that teacher is "Aloha."

Now to any normal person they would know right away, "Oh, that's right. Aloha's Spanish for 'hello.'" Sadly for me it took a few seconds to register even that one word!

I kid you not, I nearly forgot just what that word meant! I just silently scuffled over, gave her the note, and started on my way for the door. She said 'gracias,' I said 'De nada' (How I knew 'you're welcome' in Spanish I will never know, so don't ask), and that was the end of that. :rainbowlaugh:


I can read it but trying to speak with a native who can go a mile a minute is just... Wat:rainbowlaugh:

Porque me siento ofendido de estos mensages? Hmm, talvez porque español ES MI PRIMERA LENGUA! Y Aloha no es 'hello' en español, eso es Hawayano. Hola es 'hello' en ingles. Aprende la diferencia!
Hey, calm down, he did just say he doesn't even know that much Spanish. Don't be harsh.


my brother speaks spanish man!

hey! I know what that meant.... Such rudeness man

5912439 wow, you guys actually thought I was serious?
Yes they did.
....Well, I was over exaggerating. But I didn't think I sounded that rude. More like an angry kid who plays too much CoD.


ehhh, I don't really care all that much


:facehoof: phoenix, no:ajbemused: he's a friend

5912574 Is he like this in real life or just in games?
You mean his habit of going Lerroy Jenkings or that he is insane?
.....I think both.


his sanity has always been in question


Well I knew that 'Aloha' is Hawaiian, but that's what my mind heard. As someone that speaks primarily English going into a Spanish class and hearing what he thought was Hawaiian, I think that poor confused high schooler was more than a little confused. But I did nt mean any disrespect.

(I know you were kidding, but like I said, I know a little Spanish. For some reason I can read Spanish and French pretty well. It's just speaking or hearing other languages that I have a problem with. Go figure :rainbowhuh:)

finally, I get to see an other great chapter of this story. I find it interesting that Discord has got interested by those two brothers, I wander why? I thought that this was going to a search of a sibling story where Discord keep joey away from Alex, and twist his little brother mind so that they get a tragic showdown with each other... oh well guess you can't get every thing you want in life:raritycry:. As for the translation... Je croix que ça ne sera pas nécessaire de faire des traduction de français a l'anglais. An fait, je croix que le fait qu'il n'y a pas de traduction fait partie du plaisir.


And I just updated yesterday too :3

Ah, nice to see some stories from Shadow's work still alive. Shame the cool story groug kinda froze.


All the more insentive for me to try more >~<

7314054 Don't worry, you can't rush a story to be good, nor find inspiration to write more.

7315729 Maybe try not doing a long story bit rather a short one which skips certain events? You could even make the skips work with members of the misfits dying off, and us seeing the sudden change in the group and protagonist after a skip. All the way to after Discord's coup and how the last surviving member deals with the fact he lost everyone. How many members were in the misfits?


I... already had plans for folks dying :twilightblush: just not yet

7316978 Well, does the time skip van still apply? From what I remember, by the time you may finish you may have as many chapters as Shadow. So maybe speed things along a bit? It would help you a bit as well.

And if Phoenix dies, I can see it as him 'waaahing' towards a group of haters.

7317706 Don't know, I think it sort of fits.......... Why can I see him clashing for a second with Cinn before running or something?


Maybe maybe... but my plan was more of a sacrifice for the others

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