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Well, well, well! A new user has joined us here on FIMFiction! I hope that you have a great time here, Pika, and that you'll enjoy our odd little community.:pinkiesmile:

Hey, newbie! :D
Welcome to Fimfiction! I'm Short Stories (You can call me Shortie, if you want), and will be happy to help you whenever you need it.
Here are some of the basics.

The >> button in the top left corner of this comment is to reply.
To create a story, click on the "New Story" button at the top. There will be instructions to help you out there.
To actually write the story, go to the story you just created. I the top right corner, there will be a green button that says "New Chapter"

Let me start you off with a follow. :3
Hope this helps somewhat! If you have any questions, I'm just a click away! :twilightsmile:

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