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Conner Cogwork

I swear every time I blink this site has fifteen new features. Six months isn't /that/ long a time to blink, is it?

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  • 173 weeks
    Here's your closure.

    I'm sorry folks. My mother passed away last year, so, forgive me for being curt.

    I am not coming back to Whisper of Wind. It will not be finished.

    Please, stop asking me about it.

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    A Funeral Dirge you can Dance to.

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Here's your closure. · 7:31am Feb 17th, 2021

I'm sorry folks. My mother passed away last year, so, forgive me for being curt.

I am not coming back to Whisper of Wind. It will not be finished.

Please, stop asking me about it.

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I'm sorry to hear that

I'm so sorry to hear, Conner. Losing a parent is never easy.

And apologies for being one of those nudging you to continue WoW. But thank you for the closure. All the best to you in your future endeavors.

The story is dead?
If you haven’t written something new for it yet then it was simply a weight guilting and stopping you.

I watched my mother pass away in front of my eyes, I empathize, it’s a wretched experience.

My belated condolences. Hope you're holding up well enough given the circumstances.

Wanderer D

Sorry to hear that man, my condolences as well. Take care of yourself.

I'm very sorry to hear about that, and I don't think anyone will be mad at you for being curt when you went through something like that.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I wish I could say something to make it easier to bear, but I know I can't.

My condolences (lost my dad 2 years ago).

Sorry for your loss. Please mark is canceled, this will help avoid more people asking.

I understand and sorry for your loss. It was so really bum that we haven’t heard from you for 8 years.

My condolences to you but it's nice to hear from ya and it's underable just take care of yaself

I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Thanks for letting us know, hope you are able to focus on yourself.

Well, sorry for your loss, but if you want people to stop asking, change the story's status to Cancelled. As of this moment, it remains active.
And no, I'm not being sarcastic. Everybody lost somebody though the pandemic. I lost a tenant exactly 30 days ago. I'm supposed to call the family tomorrow, and I've dreaded that conversation all month. My mother lost a half dozen friends so far, almost all to Covid.

Go ahead and do you, man. We'll just fill any holes ya leave behind.

My most heartfelt condolences, man. I know what it is to lose one's mother. Sending my prayers to you.

My sincere condolences to you and the rest of your family.

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