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Twilight Velvet and Night Light have a night on the town with their family. Although, the small stamp of an 'Elder's Discount' sends Velvet into a spiral. When did they become the old ones? And are they next on the chopping block? Logic says so. And it terrifies Velvet.

Awesome Audio-reading of this story by Skijarmaz! Direct link here!

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That was...beyond beautiful.

I'm way, waaay up in years myself, but somehow, I've never felt the panic a lot of people my age feel when they look in the mirror and see an old man staring back at them. When I see all the grey hairs in my scalp and beard, I'm deeply moved, because I earned Every. Single. One of them. Heh...I guess I'm still having far too much fun to be worried yet.

...or I'm simply an idiot. Either way, I'm good!

Thanks again for writing this! I truly enjoyed it, and it's going in my Best folder.

Interesting little story. I don't normally think about Twilight and Shining's parents much, but it really must be weird for them to thank that they're kids are not only grown up, but have become royalty. And they've got a granddaughter who was born into royalty.

But that wasn’t where her attention was. Not by a long shot. She let the ticket float down onto her white hoof. An innocent ticket. An innocent ticket that shook her to her core. No. Surely the griffon manning the stall stamped it wrong. Right? There’s no way this can’t be a mistake!

But there it was. Stamped right on the front.

Elder’s Discount.

Oh boy she's starting to have her midlife crisis

My godfather had a similar reaction to the news that he now qualified for the Marriot Senior Discount.

Well written stuff.

“Yup.” He nodded proudly. “We’re older than shit.”

you have a kid here

Wow, that was a pretty nice story and yeah people will feel that way when they started to realize how much time have passed my mom has that kind of thing reaction as well maybe not as bad but still I guess that's normal reaction and sometimes you get worried but sometimes you just had to enjoy life what you have now and this was a pretty nice one keep up the good work

You see, the trick is to have your midlife crisis a bit early, maybe in your twenties. A quick tango with your own mortality and it's over.

After that, it's just smooth sailing forward.

Shit Im 30, i will feel old as shit when i cant take a proper shit on my own.
I refuse to see myself old until i can no longer do things myself....

And then im taping out. If i cant do the most minimalist things possible, im calling quits. Give me every drug known and unknown or let me die going out like a badass but thats it, im bailing....

Damn. Very nice. This hits really hard, in a very good way. It’s a heavy topic, but you manage to handle it with the grace and romance it deserves~.

Fuck man, I'm only 22 and even I am struggling with a mid life crisis like her.

31 and it is always sobering when I see a movie or a book that I grew up with 20+ years ago. Heck the other day I was talking to a kid at a community class I'm taking and he had no idea who Bugs Bunny was.

Don't worry, Velvet. This just means you get to wear a shirt that says "GILF" 😘

Now there's something that rattles the old bones for anycreature. Realizing things weren't a day before but five years ago. You go through the motions and come out changed yet the same.

A very moving bit of work. Thank you formsharing it with us.

“Yup.” He nodded proudly. “We’re older than shit.”

Judith Grimes has something to tell you, Night Light.

Wow, this is a very interesting story. Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

Is age even remotely an issue in a world thats probably up the nostrils with rejuvination spells and fountain of youths being more then likely that worlds dasani?

As someone who pretty regularly has existential meltdowns this was a great way to put it into words. I cannot tell you how seen and how valid I feel. Thank you for writing this. (Yes, I realize that this is a comedy, still made me feel better.)

The way I see it those spells are probably temporary and can be costly to constantly do to add more than a few years I think else we start delving into more forbidden territory I would guess.
This also brings to mind the Book The House of Scorpion where the BBEG in the story had extended his life through the use of Clones for multiple transplants. I think that character was at least 125 or so.

“Yup.” He nodded proudly. “We’re older than shit.”


Comment posted by UnderTheBed deleted Dec 25th, 2023

Entirely plausible. My mother had me when she was in her mid thirties.

Same, that’s why I didn’t think it was very weird when I wrote it.

It's pretty common in my country (I'm from the UK), but it's possible the poster I was responding to is from a country where the average age of having kids is lower.

That went better than expected.

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