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Throughout her marriage, Twilight Velvet has ignored every romantic feeling she felt towards other ponies. She was a good wife, and good wives knew better than to dwell on thoughts like that. But as they grew older and experienced other ways of thinking, Twilight Velvet and Night Light realized her feelings don’t cheapen their marriage and the love they share.

With her husband’s encouragement, Velvet finally pursues the pony that’s been on her mind for twelve years.

Many thanks to ArchAngelsWings, mouch30, Mind Jack, and Eddie Grammar for proofreading :twilightsmile:
This story was inspired by the adorable artwork by How Do Ponies Work?, which was used as the cover art with permission. Give her stuff a look, since we all know that's what caught your attention on the story :raritywink:

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Very sweet, and honestly the first time I have ever seen this ship before.

Thank you :scootangel:
lol this was one of those things where I really just wanted to read this ship, not write it. Turns out there isn't anything on Fimfiction (nothing that turned up by combining the romance, Twilight Velvet, and Princess Celestia tags, anyway). So I figured that if no one else is gonna write it, I'll just do it myself :yay:

This was an excellent story! I thoroughly enjoyed your portrayal of Night Light.

I must say, this was definitely a unique kind of ship. But still, it was really well-written, and has a lot of sweet chemistry all throughout. Even though I'm not a Velvet/Celestia shipper myself (I prefer Velvet/Gilda when it comes to F/F parings of Twi's Mom), I must say that this was a very pleasant and believable pairing. You have my upvote.

Thank you, I'm glad to hear it :yay: Night Light is a favorite of mine, I'm very happy to hear I did him justice :raritywink:

Velvet and Gilda is certainly not a ship I've thought about (but I'm sure you hear that a lot lol) but it seems like it could be interesting. I'll likely check out the story you linked, and I thank you for your comment :twilightsmile:

Wow, this is a first. Very sweet ship. You sir/madam, did a wonderful job.^^

First of many if I have anything to say about it!
lol I probably don't, but you know

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

10/10 would reccomend :raritywink:. Seriously Krickis how do you do that? This was so sweet, and I suppose you wouldn't be surprised if I told you my favourite bit was the cookie jar :ajsmug:


Upvote and fav

This was...interesting. ^^

I love the interactions of Twilight Velvet and Princess Celestia. Not to mention that the characterizations are wonderful , especially for Twilight Velvet and Night Light. Good work. :twilightsmile:

For once, it seems we have different favorite parts :twilightsheepish: Although thinking about it, I'm not at all surprised, since the cute mischievousness right up your alley. Glad you liked it as well, because for how short and relatively unimportant it was, the cookie jar bit took an oddly long amount of time to write.

Thank you kindly :ajsmug:

And thank you as well :twilightsmile: Characterizations and such are very important to me, it's always great to hear people like them :yay:

Shining Armor: "I'm sorry Princess Celestia, I guess I'm still a little confused as to the exact nature of your relationship with my parents, I know your basically family at this point but something seems, different."

Velvet: "We can get into it later, son."

Night Light: "Now honey, we talked about this, no more keeping secrets. Let's just all live and die honestly. Your mother and I have shared several years together, wonderful children..."

Velvet: "And grandchildren... Twilight?"

Twilight: "What?!"

Night Light: "And being together that long your mother and I have learned a lot about each other, and that no matter what we'll always be there for each other. But sometimes it's important to try new things and to truly embrace the ponies that we are, an opportunity to share and, experiment."

Shining Armor: "Dad, please what are you saying?"

Princess Cadence: "Whatever it is, it is beautiful Night Light, and we support you."

Shining Armor: "Hey, speak for yourself because, honestly Dad, it's like your about to say Princess Celestia is your lover or something."

Night Light: "Oh no no no no."

Shining Armor: "Phew."

Night Light: "No Celestia is your mother's lover. I watch them, sometimes from a chair, or a closet, almost always dressed as Supermare."

Princess Celestia: "Aw. Oh and Shining, that reminds me I have some comics with me for Spike, be sure he gets them won't you?"

Twilight: "Happy Hearthswarming Eve, BBBFF..."

...I am not sorry.

Nor should you be, that was great :rainbowlaugh:


Oh how I miss Rick and Morty.

Though, let's be fair. Two hot MILFs on your bed... can't really blame Night Light.

This was meant as more of a completely standalone 'what if' type of story, and will not be canon to my Who We Become series.

Awww! But it'd be cute to see little glimpses of this in the background. Sweet little story, loved it.

I've never seen this ship before so I was curious as to what this would be. I actually really liked it! It was super sweet.

One of my favorite (if cloppy as heck) FiMFics was Celestia having Night Light as one of her guards (pre-marriage), eventually at one point ending up with Twilight Velvet, Celestia, and himself...under a few spells designed to make him sturdy enough to deal with Princess-loving.

They may have had a few side effects on their kids. A few.

congrats to the feature on the front page my Bunny friend :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy:
I will be on hiatus for some more time and i still have to finish you're other storys . :pinkiehappy:

Having never seen Rick and Morty, I hadn't realized that was a reference before :twilightblush:

It would be interesting, but wouldn't really fit with my established Celestia :applejackunsure: She's hetero and iffy on polyamory at best.

On the bright side, doing this as a separate story means I got to mostly ignore all the social stuff

Thank you, as soon as I saw the picture I knew this had to be a story :scootangel:

You and me both. Hopefully some other people join in on this oddball ship :ajsmug:

Well, there's gotta be some reason for their genetics being so boss. Suppose that would do it :twilightsheepish:

Thank you, I'm so happy to finally break onto the board :pinkiehappy: And of course no worries, read what you want when you want to :raritywink:

What the actual fuck did I just read?

Why am I grinning like an idiot?

T'was good! :moustache:

umm... this is not okay This is okay.

I feel that way about a lot of the things I read :derpytongue2:

Thank you :twilightsmile:

I haven't read it yet, but as I stare at this I wrote down a list of first things that came to mind.

Royal Rumble, Springer, family traditions, alcohol(none for Sunset, she went dry Yo). A cool name depicting a royal scandal you would probably read in a checkout rack at Walmart until you realize how it looks, and the old lady behind you just smiles knowingly as you guiltily put it back. Reality television.

So going in blind lets see how many of these I get right, or close.

OK after reading this is quick compared to some of the multi chapter building of relationships I'm used to in this series. However, you leave me with a sort of curiosity only you can answer. If Celestia had a wife already, she married for political reasons, and given old equestrians standpoint on gay marriage. How in the the hay did she avoid such a lasting mark on her name. I could see it elaborately set up as the weekly or daily tea with a friend as the facade the world sees, but eventually someone finds out the truth be it staff or guards in the castle.

Love the story thanks for telling me about it

For sure. Hopefully more people will pick it up, though :scootangel:

All of that sounds exactly like what I would write about :twilightblush: As far as what's actually in the story, I'll leave that a surprise :raritywink:

No problem, I'm glad you liked it and thank you for the comment :twilightsmile:

That was very cute! :rainbowkiss: A few minor errors here and there, but nothing that really took away from the story.
Gotta say, Night Light is awesome in multiple ways. :yay:

Thank you :scootangel: I'm not surprised there are some errors remaining, although I did my best to iron them all out (I tend to make a lot while I'm writing :facehoof:) Happy to hear you liked Night Light, I'm rather fond of him :yay:

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it :scootangel:

This is a nice little story so far. Cute development.

Corrections offered without malice.

‘The Importance of Being Honest’

Earnest'…well, I suppose being closer to the Element's word choice would be likely in Equestria.
Niiice foreshadowing, though.

initially weary of the revelation,


fifty-six years old grandmother,


always loathe to drop it.



Velveetia? :trollestia:

Thank you for the that :twilightblush: The '... Being Honest' one was intentional, since none of their media shares exactly the same title as the human counterpart. Couldn't think of a horse pun for it, so I figured that using one of the Elements of Harmony worked well enough, and that I could more readily see a pony being named Honest Something then Earnest Something (although either could work, so I suppose that's a moot point).

Of course, everything else was an accident, and is fixed now. And I'm glad to see someone caught the Earnest reference :scootangel:

New romance or not, I don't think Velvet and Night Light are looking to have any more kids at their age :twilightsheepish:

Aww, this was really sweet. I was a little wary at first because I'm a big fan of Night Light and Twilight Velvet, and ships involving one of them with someone else tends to treat the other like trash, so I was very glad to find that wasn't the case with this story. I also find poly/open relationships fascinating and love seeing them explored in pony's setting, it seems a lot more viable for them than us humans. Although I kinda wish there was more. Seems like things are just starting here and it'd be nice to see how they grow and develop now, how things go for Night Light after this/whether he ends up sharing his love with another as well, and particularly, how their kids react to it all. Things to think about for a continuation/sequel, at least.

All in all, good work. Bravo.

You don't say..... :raritywink:

I ADORE this story! You are right about about Velestia. It's a ship I never pictured until now, and now I LOVE the idea. You have earned a new follower!

Lol perhaps :ajsmug: I've seen the story around, although I've never read it (nothing against clop, it's just not my thing). In any case, I don't plan on writing them having any more kids.

I do so love both of them (only background characters I'm really attached to, actually), so I know what you mean. Lol I was so worried people would think this was an adultery fic that I spent forever tweaking the description, getting the right amount of pointing out Night Light is cool with it without making it seem like the story was about him. Glad you gave the story a chance in spite of the president.

it seems a lot more viable for them than us humans.

It works with humans too, although it's certainly not for everyone. If course, I'm a polyamorist myself, so I would say that :derpytongue2:

While it's nice to know at least someone is interested in a sequel, I probably won't be writing one. I mainly write a single on going series, Who We Become, which does involve a much more in depth look at polyamory if you're interested in that sort of thing. It's very much real world issues mixed with ponies though, which isn't everyone's cup of tea (this story is a fluff story, as far as I'm concerned, despite some of the drama elements). Working on that series takes up most of my time, and the few times when I write other stuff it's always relatively short stories like this, nowhere near enough room to really flesh out the concepts.

If I were to write a sequel, it would almost certainly focus on telling the family, but it's not likely I will. Truth be told, I just wanted to get people shipping it so that maybe some other authors would want to write Velestia stories of their own. This was very much a case of wanting to read a story that didn't exist, so I wrote it instead :twilightsheepish:

Thank you very much:raritystarry: Hopefully this ship gains ground, it'd be great to have more writers, readers, and artists on board it :yay:

It's always interesting to see how headcanon's work out and I must say that this would be an interesting ship to sail with. I've always supported the whole Night Light and Princess Luna ship idea too, though rare it is. Anyway, I liked this take on it, Velvet and Celestia. It didn't hurt any of the parties involved and the ending wasn't too mushy. I hope to see more of these in the future.

This is sweet and enjoyable. I once had a thought to write a Twilestia comedy where it turns out Velvet and Celestia also had a fling in college, much to Twilight's horror. Never got around to it though.

What's this? A story that doesn't treat Night Light terribly and have him characterized as a jerkass and behind a failing marriage? Velvet and Night Light are actually in love and both of them are okay with this, with Night Light being a pretty cool dude about it? Color me impressed. Far too many stories either vilify or forgo Night Light and I'm glad that's not the case here.

The shipping is adorable and isn't muddled by 'angst'. Everyone is characterized really well and it's overall a great and cute story. I loved it. :pinkiehappy::heart:

*throws drink* A new story by non-other then Krickis?! How did I not see this before?! I must read A.S.A.P! I know what I'm doing with part of my evening tonight, your stories always get me in the feels. - The Shipshelf


I would like to hear more from Night Light's side, who he's into and all that.


And there's the author, no less.

Luna x Night Light. You know, you'd think that ship would've occurred to me at some point, considering it's the obvious flip side to Velestia. I could definitely get behind that ship as well :scootangel:

You know, I don't even ship Twilestia and I I have to say that sounds fantastic. The potential awkwardness that could ensue (from both Twilights!) would be phenomenal :pinkiegasp:

Indeed, maybe someday Hasbro will actually give the parents some real screentime and put an end to such things. Probably not, but I can have hopes. And of course, we'll all get to see how far from canon our interpretations are :pinkiecrazy:

*looks at spilled drink*
I hope you know I'm not cleaning that up :trixieshiftright:

Anyway, this story's only a few days old, I'm not surprised you haven't seen it yet :twilightsheepish: Hope you enjoy it when you get to reading :twilightsmile:

I was going to comment that I always imagined Night Light as hetero, but then that would be a moot point since the same can be said for Velvet and Celestia. So who knows, maybe :ajsmug: Still, if I ever did continue this (and that's not likely) I think I'd keep Night Light exclusively interested in Velvet, since it's more interesting to me. Non-clop poly stories may not be super common, but stories about polyamory from the POV of someone who's involved in a poly relationship but is not polyamorous themself are pretty much unheard of.

That... actually, that could work. I still say a sequel is unlikely, but if it were to happen, it'll absolutely have to include Night Light's POV.

7690767 Well they did get a little scene in The Crystalling. Maybe not that long, but they seemed like a couple of rather pleasant grandparents.

Yes indeed, I was so happy to see that pop up :scootangel: Still, I'd love it if families besides the Apples got a little more exploration. The Pies and the Shys had an episode each, at least (although one of those was shared with the Apples, because family=Apple apparently), so now we've just got three to go :yay:

While reading this, I Believe In A Thing Called Love by the Darkness was p.laying in my head. Neat story.

That seems fitting :ajsmug: And thank you :twilightsmile:

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