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I write pony words that people seem to like. I also review fics and draw purty pictures, apperently. I'm an older fan of MLP, so expect a lot of 80's references.


In the back room of a hole-in-the-wall shop in Canterlot, there rests the incomplete final work of a master craftsman. All that remains is the final piece; and the gift to his daughter will be done. Now she runs the shop, waiting for the day some special pony walks in and lays that piece at her hooves.

Lucky for her, today is that day.

"A simple Valentine's Day lesbian horse story." - BubbleBoom

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I'm a sucker for Tavi shipping that's not with Vinyl and a sucker for shipping Fleur with somepony who's not Fancy Pants. Basically, this is hitting all the right notes. (roll laugh track)

I adore your take on the characters, Fleur especially. She never struck me as shallow, and I like that she's this impulsive kind of "I have the means to make this stranger's day, and I won't take no for an answer to make that happen" and that she sees in Octavia a particular beauty that comes from her passions, not necessarily traditional or stereotypical good looks. And from Octavia's side, though she's disbelieving initially, the trust and the bond that comes from being the recipient of an act of generosity she would have never expected or dreamed of leads her to share more of herself, especially the parts that drew Fleur to her in the first place.

But I must say that I am so deeply, deeply disappointed with this story as to render it unforgivably, unchangeable, irredeemably tarnished.

Fuzzy, you bugger, why didn't you let them get all cute and cuddly and making out like they're clearly wanting to?!

The in-your-face characterization of Fleur is not what you'd initially expect, but considering the way that she was draped all over Fancy Pants during her first appearance in the show, it really works well in this story. She gives the impression of being "new money," not overly pompous or bombastic, but kind of the "Hey, I'm here, I'm successful, and I'll go toe to toe with you to prove that I'm in your league."


*favorites and upvotes behind all your backs*



Wanderer D

Aww. This was a lovely story, thanks for writing it!

I loved this story and your takes on Fleur and Octavia. One little nitpick, however...

A door, unnoticed in the shadowy recesses behind the counter, opened suddenly and a pale brown mare stumbled out.

Unless Octavia was wearing brown clothes or so dusty that I missed it...

Strange shops with mysteriously missing merchants was were real magic happened

Noticed a typo, I don't want it to mar your lovely story ^^;

There are a lot of little details that really make this come alive in the best ways possible. The only disappointment I think I could levy against it is it ends at the beginning of an interesting story yet untold.

Probably the best thing you've written, my love.

I don't know if you realize how big a compliment this is to me, sweetheart. I am well and truly chuffed to bits.

Sorry, I kind of replaced your story on the feature box with mine: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/307508/the-nightmare-that-came-from-above

NOT that i meant to...I didneven think it would get featured XD But yeah...sorry

no big. I'm quite pleased with how this story performed.


Not very classy to come to someone else's story and link your own. :moustache:

Never heard of them. Nice aura/mystic sort of sound to it. Very melodic. Not really my fave type of music, but not bad at all.

6948307 Oh. Then what was the Pun based off of?

Stadivarius, the 17th century violin maker. A Stradivarius is synonymous with quality or master craftsmanship. I imagine it's where the the band took their name from as well.

6948860 Cool. Will there be an extension?

6946254 So, you decided to come to one of the good, creative stories and throw the link to your dime-a-dozen HiE nonsense around? Congratulations. Be proud of your achievement, but do it somewhere else. There's no shortage on HiE lovers on this site. So kindly remove your link and apologize for your shady attempt at self-promotion.

Technically, no. I have, however, really enjoyed writing this version of Fleur(Octavia too), so she'll show up in another fic I have just recently started on. I don't have any plans of Octavia, but who knows?

6948922 To be honest, I didn't mean to actually offend anybody, just to tell the person their story was no longer being featured, which yes they could have found out on their own. I wasn't trying to say my story was beter either or anything like that. Now that I look back at that comment, I can see why you were upset, and for that I do apologize. Plus, my story isn't an Hie fic XD I don't even know how it got featured in the first place D:

6949069 I always liked Octavinyl.

What made you go against the flow?

It was a challenge. To take two characters I hadn't really used before and flesh them out. While, yes, I have used Fleur before in Pony Dreams, it was more than a year since I'd worked on it, plus she's pretty bland in that honestly. I used Octavia(and Vinyl) in Lyra and BonBon Blow Up a Train, but that was likewise old.

I wanted to try and buck the fanon that had grown around Octavia(this was started before the Slice of Life episode, so she really didn't have any canon at the time). But at the same time, I wanted to pay so homage to it and the very good characterizations other authors have given her. I like to think I succeeded.

And don't get me wrong, I like Vinyl. I think she and Octavia make a cute couple. I'm just not that big into their ship, personally. Plus I always get the feel of them being paired solely because they are both musicians, but pretty opposite in style. Which seems like a flimsy bond.

Either way, I pretty much just let these two grow where they would, allowing their characterizations to feel organic and not forced. Where we ended up was not my first concept, but I like this a lot more.

6950266 THat is true. Very ture. Unless you take in new canon in which you could say that Octavia is Vinyl's support in that she's mute and Vinyl helps Octavia keep control of her OCD tendencies.

BUt yeah. I'll check out the rest.

6950266 Read this the other day and realized I forgot to leave a comment. Bucking the trend on entrenched fanon ships will almost always at least get my attention. VinylTavi about as stale as things get these days, even with ep 100 mixing things up. Not only was this story a breath of fresh air with a ship I hadn't seen before for Octavia, but you even made me give a crap about Fleur. Fleur is the absolute star of this story, by the way. She is so often relegated to being a cliche rich pony with no defining character traits, but right here she is positively full of life and charm. I want more of this Fleur, even if it's in different stories. I really wish this could be the new fanon default for her.

Octavia was well done too, but Fleur just owned this story so much that even a nice, fresh take on Octavia felt more like extra dressing for Fleur to me than anything else.

As is absolutely standard for this type of romance story, my core criticism is that I really just want to see more of it. The 'story ends when the two kiss' cliche always, always leaves me feeling unsatisfied in the end. Doubly so when the pairing is so damned interesting. It always just feels like the kiss as the final moment is the climax of the story followed by no falling action or resolution, and thus leaves me craving anything more I can get from the story.

I know you tend to be quite busy with the horsewords, Fuzzy, so I won't begrudge you for not doing a sequel. I'll just keep lurking in the corner hoping that you do make one some day. At the very least, give the world more of this Fleur, though; however you can.

I'm glad you liked it, and liked Fleur specifically. I poured a lot into her, to make her come alive as much as she did. Of course, now that I've set the expectation bar higher, I'm going to have to keep getting over it.:rainbowderp:

Fleur, this version of her at least, will show up again. One of my prereaders fell so much in love with her while I was working on this, that they bribed/commissioned another Fleur centric fic out of me. It's in the works now, so keep an eye out.

6962734 This makes me absolutely giddy with excitement.

6950266, this is BRILLIANT!!! I love your characterizations of Fleur and Octavia, as well as Tavi's back story. Well done!:yay:

First, I read through it and was like "yeah, nice story, definitely deserves an upvote and a favorite". And that was that.
But... I reconsidered the last few minutes. And I've come to the conclusion: You know what? Yeah, it was indeed a nice story! Nice enough that I would put it into my recommendations. (Which probably doesn't mean anything except for me.) Not only is Octavia x Fleur an unusual ship, you've done an exceptional job at portraying both of them and their interaction. But what I liked most about it was this stories modesty. Did they fall in love instantly? No... kinda... maybe? (Seriously, this is the best portrayal of maybe-love-at-first-sight I've ever read.) Did they instantly kiss? No. Have sex? Hell no. Was it undying, eternal love once they decided to see where things would take them? Maybe - it's never stated and I'm grateful for that.
It's one of the most realistic romances I've read in a long time. Maybe it'll work out, maybe it doesn't. They had a good start and what happens from then on is up to them - or the readers imagination. It's... beautiful.

Thank you.

Thank you.

That is quite the compliment! I'm glad you enjoyed the story and what I worked at crafting into something that felt organic and realistic. I consider The Violin Maker's Daughter to be the current peak of my writing ability and I'm increasingly proud of what I was able to accomplish with it, thanks in part to comments like yours.

I hope you have an awesome day!:rainbowdetermined2:

Lovely story. For me it has a certain fey-like quality to it that puts the reader into a sort of dream state. Other stories that I love that have this quality include The Gentle Nights: Audience of One and The Glass Blower.

Top notch stuff! :raritystarry:

Shipping it like CSX. I think a sequel or nine (thousand) are now manedated. You should take a bow for achieving this. I can hairdly wait to see what happens next!

... I'll see myself out now. :facehoof:

This was very romantic. Glad I finally read it.

This ship is 100% Fleur approved! :heart:

Reread this for the first time in years. Love the descriptions in it.

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