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Just Like Old Times - Krickis

With her husband’s encouragement, Twilight Velvet finally pursues the pony that’s been on her mind for twelve years.

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A Touch as Soft as Velvet

Chapter Two
A Touch as Soft as Velvet

Night Light wouldn’t be joining them. The thought had resounded in Celestia’s head throughout the day. His attendance had been the one saving grace to the arrangement, and Celestia had simply not thought to find out his schedule ahead of time.

So then, that left her with the question of what to do next. Surely it wasn’t so complicated as she made it seem? Velvet was a dear friend, and the two of them could go to a play together as such. So what if Celestia happened to know that Velvet had been wanting to see this particular play? And so what if Celestia had gone out of her way to tell the play’s producer how much she was interested in it, knowing that he would invite her to watch it? That was within the bounds of acceptable friend behavior. It wasn’t like she hoped Velvet would have a change of heart and leave her husband. Nothing could be further from the truth; Celestia absolutely did not want to complicate her friend’s marriage in any way.

No, she only wanted to watch a play with Velvet. There was nothing unacceptable about that. They would meet up, talk about how it was a shame Night Light had to work, and share some jokes on the ride to the theater. They would take their seats in the secluded private section of the theater, sitting side by side, just the two of them. Alone with no prying eyes, Celestia would be free to be herself, as she always was around Velvet. They would chat amiably until the lights dimmed, then the play would start. Celestia might steal a few glances at the beautiful mare by her side, and perhaps they would find their eyes meeting. Rather than be embarrassed, they would both smile at one another, and Celestia might drape her wing along Velvet’s back. As a friend might do, of course. Perhaps Velvet would even lean against her, and Celestia would wrap both forelegs around her, just to be sure she was comfortable. They would watch the performance in a state of bliss, and before the night was over they would turn to one another again, casting dreamy looks as they slowly brought their faces closer together, until –

‘Until I learn to stop fantasizing like a child,’ Celestia scolded herself. Velvet was the mother of her faithful student, for goodness’ sake!

If only young Twilight were a little older. Surely Velvet’s daughter would serve as well as her husband for making sure Celestia stayed on her best behavior, and Twilight would likely be thrilled with the chance to spend time with her mother and her teacher. But ‘The Importance of Being Honest’ was a romantic comedy, and Twilight was still too young to be interested in romance. Meanwhile, Cadance had told her that she and Shining Armor had agreed to watch Twilight together, leaving her at a loss for whom else to invite.

Unfortunately, it seemed there was only one decent thing to do. Celestia finished her work early and made her way through the town. She could at least deliver the news herself.

Velvet and her family lived in a large manor home, fairly close to the castle. Celestia opted to fly, not wishing to be surrounded by guards or stopped on the streets by her little ponies. She was familiar with the way, having spent a fair few dinners with the family.

Celestia knocked on the door and was greeted by Twilight Sparkle. “Princess! I didn’t know you were coming over for dinner tonight!”

Seeing her student’s enthusiasm always put a smile on Celestia’s face. “Greetings, Twilight. I wish that were the case, but I’m afraid I’m just here to have a word with your mother. Is she available?”

“Oh.” Twilight’s ears drooped at the news, but she quickly bounced back. “She’s home. Come wait inside, I’ll go get her.”

Celestia followed her student inside. She had to smile again as the little unicorn ran up the stairs yelling, “Mom! The princess is here to see you!”

Although she knew she’d be welcome to sit in the living room while she waited, Celestia stayed by the door. She only had to deliver a small message then she’d be on her way, she would be fine where she was.

It wasn’t long before Velvet came down to greet her, Twilight following eagerly behind her. “Hello, Princess. This is quite the surprise, I hope everything is alright.”

At least with Twilight around, Velvet was less likely to call her ‘Cellie’. Not that Celestia disliked the name – far from it, while she had no idea what possessed Velvet to latch on to the name, hearing it never failed to warm her heart – but it would make it harder to resist the chance to spend an evening together. “Greetings, Mrs. Velvet. It’s about tomorrow. I fear something’s come up and I won’t be able to make the performance.”

Velvet frowned towards the floor. “Oh, I see…”

“Of course, you’re still more than welcome to attend without me. I’d hate for you to miss it on my account.”

Velvet smiled, but it didn’t feel authentic. “Well, I’m sorry to hear that, although it’s completely understandable.”

“Again, my apologies.” Celestia bowed her head, then turned to leave. “Well, I suppose I’ll get out of your hair. I’m sure you’re plenty busy with dinner plans.”

“You could stay,” Velvet answered quickly. Celestia turned back to see her blushing a bit. “If you’re not too busy, of course.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Velvet, but I’d hate to impose.”

Velvet smirked, bringing herself to a more natural expression. “It’s no imposition at all. But if you are staying, you will have to call me Velvet.”

Adding the ‘Mrs.’ was Celestia’s way of constantly reminding herself that Velvet was married, and she was always loath to drop it. Still, she did always take some guilty pleasure in being told to drop it. A reminder that the two of them were close enough that she need not keep up her professional composure.

“Well, I suppose I –”

“Please stay for dinner, Princess,” Twilight said, stepping out from behind her mother’s legs. She beamed up at Celestia. “Dad’s making lasagna!”

Celestia smiled at her student. “How could I refuse that? If you’re sure it’s no trouble, I’ll stay.”

“It’s no trouble at all.” Velvet’s smiled suggested she was almost as happy as her daughter, although she contained it much better. “Twily, why don’t you and the princess wait in the living room while I tell your father we have one more for dinner?”

“Okay!” Twilight excitedly led the way, while Celestia did all she could to not feel guilty for accepting.

Twelve years later, and Celestia was still remembering that day, as well as a host of others. It hadn’t been particularly exceptional; they had a nice dinner, with nothing out of the ordinary. But it still played out in Celestia’s mind from time to time, the day she began to consider if she ought to put some distance between herself and Velvet.

Eventually, she did, although it was only out of precaution. The two of them had never had a single close call. No overly long touches, not one near kiss, not even so much as any subtle flirting. Aside from perhaps a few long lingering glances, they had always behaved exactly as they should. Indeed, Celestia had never thought her feelings towards Velvet were reciprocated.

But it seemed they were. So many years of never saying anything, but now she did. What could have brought about the change of heart? The scene from earlier that day played over in her mind, from the warmth and excitement Velvet showed when she first revealed her feelings to the cold detachment when Celestia had shunned them.

Progress through her day was slow and tedious; Celestia was left with little motivation to meet with ponies. But the day passed as they always do, and Celestia knew she had another meeting before she could retire. Although she wished she could ignore the problem and have it undo itself, that would not happen. No, she needed to do something about it, though she knew not what. Fortunately, there was somepony who might.

Deciding she had done as much work as she could for the day, Celestia put away her things. She meticulously made sure every paper and quill was in its proper place, only rising from her seat once she could stall no longer. She walked slowly, questioning her decision with every step towards the astronomy wing. Once she reached her destination, she would have to confess things she had never wanted to be spoken aloud.

“Well, you do like to take your time, don’t you?”

Celestia stopped in place. She had rounded a corner and come face to face with Luna, much sooner than she had expected. “Luna? How did you know I was coming?”

Luna smiled and led them towards her room, progressing much faster than Celestia had been by herself. “Dear sister, you have done nothing but mope around all day. I certainly hoped you were coming to see me, for it is painfully obvious something is weighing on your mind.”

Luna was without a doubt the most perceptive pony Celestia had ever met. It always irritated her that she was never allowed to mope around in her own time with her sister present. And she wouldn’t trade it for the world. “Thank you, Luna.”

Luna didn’t inquire about the problem as they walked. Only when they were in the privacy of her room, sitting comfortably across from one another with the door shut behind them, did she ask for more. “What is troubling you, Tia?”

Celestia hesitated for a moment. She had come to Luna with the express intent of explaining the full situation, yet actually doing so proved difficult. “Twilight Velvet came to visit me today.”

Luna’s eyes widened as her mouth fell open a bit. “You don’t mean to say something is wrong in her family, do you?”

“No, no, nothing like that,” Celestia answered quickly. “Everypony is doing well. I would have come to you immediately otherwise.”

Relief flashed across Luna’s face. “I should certainly hope so.” Between Celestia teaching Twilight, Luna working with Night Light, and Cadance marrying Shining Armor, there were few ponies so connected to the royal sisters as Velvet’s family was. “What, then, did you and Twilight Velvet speak of?”

“Well, she… she told me that she loves me.”

“Ah.” Luna understood half of the problem immediately, as Celestia expected she might. “And the ever stalwart Princess Celestia is having difficulty fathoming why a married mare might feel that way.”

Celestia wished Luna wouldn’t refer to her like that, although she wasn’t exactly wrong. “I understand that some ponies are attracted to multiple ponies.”

“But you think it is unbecoming for a married mare to feel that way?”

Celestia couldn’t find an answer.

“Oh, Tia…” Luna shook her head and smiled sadly. “There is no helping who we love. Twilight Velvet is a good pony, it does not lessen her to feel how she does.”

“Velvet is a good pony,” Celestia repeated softly. “I would never think less of her.”

Luna stared at her for a moment before answering. “Oh my word, you love her back.”

Celestia could not bring herself to confirm, but her blush did an adequate job of that anyway.

Luna broke into an excited grin. “Tia, this is wonderful news!”

Celestia glanced at her sharply. “She is still married. I will do nothing to get in the way of that.”

“Come now, sister. Twilight Velvet has never given us any reason to doubt her faithfulness to her husband. I suspect he knows full well how she feels and has approved of it.” Luna considered her for a moment. “What, exactly, would you like to do from here?”

Celestia paused for a moment. “I am afraid of complicating things with her and Night Light. Even if he is okay with it in concept, actually seeing his wife with another pony might prove another thing entirely.”

“You can not know until you try, and you have never been one to give up because something might fail. Again, what would you like to do?”

Celestia turned away, not willing to meet Luna’s gaze. “It would be a scandal. The princess with a married mare, and the mother of her student at that? Ponies would be outraged.”

“I am certain that Twilight Sparkle and the rest of their family would be thrilled to find the two of you bringing happiness to one another. I am also certain that nopony else’s opinion matters. Tia, what would you like to do?”

Celestia bowed her head and sunk her shoulders. She answered with a quiet voice. “I have always been content with our friendship being what it has always been. I do not need more than that.”

Even turned away, Celestia could practically feel Luna’s gaze on her. Her voice lacked all softness as she spoke. “I am not concerned with what you feel is appropriate, nor what you would be content with accepting. This is not a question you can avoid, even if you do not answer it to me. Celestia, what is it that you want to do?”

“I want to go see her!” Celestia lifted her head as her voice became desperate, years of repressed emotion finding its way out. “I want to apologize for turning her away. I want to tell her that I love her, that nothing could make me happier than to be with her.”

Luna smiled and rose from her seat, walking across the room to sit beside Celestia. “So then, sister,” Luna said gently, “are we so bound in our roles as princesses that we are denied the beauty that is to love and be loved?”

Celestia let her head rest on Luna’s shoulder. “I wouldn’t know what to say,” she said meekly.

Luna nudged her playfully. “Come now, you have been married before. Surely this is nothing?”

Slowly, Luna’s playfulness made Celestia feel a little better. “Political marriages. And of course, I did grow to love each of them, but this is… different.”

Luna shook her head. “Poor Tia… You have never had to make the first move before, and now you’ve rejected Twilight Velvet’s attempt to go first.”

“You’re talking as if I’ve decided to pursue something with her.”

“Very well then,” Luna said, rising from her seat, “do what you feel is best when the time comes. But in the meanwhile, I think you’ll agree that an apology is in order.”

“Yes, I suppose that much is true.” Celestia rose as well, then smiled at her sister. “Thank you, Luna. I don’t know how I ever got by without you.”

“Nor do I,” Luna said playfully. “But that is a question for another time. Now it seems you are needed elsewhere.”

Celestia looked at her quizzically. “Well, I didn’t mean I was going right now. It’s a bit late to show up unannounced, Luna.”

“Nonsense, the two of them are often up well into the night.” Luna’s smile grew wider. “In fact, Twilight Velvet could probably show you some of the night’s appeal.”

“I already value your night heavily, you know that. Few things can compare to the beauty of the stars.”

“I’m talking about the night that can be enjoyed outside of the castle. Canterlot has grown into a city that never sleeps, and I do not think you have experienced the nightlife here one single time. I think I shall like you being in this relationship, Tia.”

“I still haven’t decided on anything.”

“Continuing to say as much will not make it true.”

Realizing that she was beaten, Celestia just turned away. “You’re hopeless, you know. But you are right about apologizing, and it would be better to get it underway.”

“Never fear, sister. If you have not returned by the morning I shall inform the guard to not be alarmed.”

Celestia left the room grumbling while Luna made jokes at her expense. Only when she had left her sister behind did Celestia smile again. She really did not know how she had ever managed without her.

She managed the path out of the castle with much more ease. Although talking with Velvet would be much more daunting than talking with Luna had been, it was in some ways easier. She had told one pony how she felt, telling another wouldn’t be so hard.

It had been years since Celestia had regularly visited Velvet’s house for family dinners with her pupil, but the way still felt familiar. As usual, she chose to fly to avoid meeting with other ponies. Not that she could have chosen otherwise; Luna was already raising the moon, and Celestia felt that her visit would be late enough already.

The cover of night made certain that nopony saw Celestia along her way, and she touched down in front of Velvet’s house without issue. She took a moment to catch her breath, telling herself that it was only the flight that left her winded.

After a moment more than was really necessary, Celestia approached the door. She reached up a hoof, hesitated a moment, then finally managed to knock. It was quieter than perhaps was appropriate, and she was left worried that nopony would hear.

But somepony did, as the door opened to reveal Night Light. For a moment both ponies just stared at one another; he wore a puzzled expression, while she had a sheepish one. Night Light spoke up first. “Princess, what a surprise. Is, uh, everything alright?”

“Yes, I…” Celestia had no idea what to say. She had come to talk to Velvet, but she felt strange asking for her. ‘Is your wife in? I’d like to confess my love to her.’ No, that obviously wouldn’t do. But neither would waiting to talk with Velvet. Sooner or later, Celestia and Night Light would have to talk about everything. It would be better for all involved parties if they spoke sooner. “There’s something I’d like to discuss with you if I could have a moment.”

Night Light stepped out of the house and walked to the edge of the porch. She had been hoping that he would invite her inside, and she found it worrying. But when he spoke, there was no malice in his voice. “I take it this is about Velvet?

Celestia hesitated a moment. As she told Luna, she would do nothing to hurt their marriage, and was weary of doing so by accident. “Yes, it is.”

When he turned to face her, Night Light was actually smiling. It did a lot to put Celestia’s fears to rest. “I’m sure that must have been quite shocking for you.”

“It was.” Celestia could not match his smile, still too concerned with saying the wrong thing. “I imagine it must have been for you, too.”

“Maybe a little, but probably not as much as you would think.” He let out a chuckle, which assured Celestia she was the only one who felt strange about the situation. “To tell the truth, I always kind of thought she was interested in mares. And working from there, I probably could have figured out which mare she might be most interested in.”

It was nice to know he didn’t seem to direct any ill will to her, but it did nothing to stop her from blushing. She stared at his hooves as she spoke. “I see you’re taking it quite well.”

“You say that as if this is a bad thing.” Night Light fixed his gaze on her face, so it was all Celestia could do to make eye contact. Before, he had been smiling wide to put her at ease, or show his amusement. Now, his smile was much softer, and she could see exactly how genuinely happy he was, plain as day. “She really is an amazing mare.”

Although she was still embarrassed and felt out of place, Celestia smiled as well. “She is.”

Grinning wide again, Night Light winked. “Something tells me you didn’t come here to talk to me about this, though.”

“Well, no.” Celestia’s smile faltered. If there was something that would cause problems, this was it. “I came to apologize, and to, well, assuming you were okay with it, I was hoping to, er…”

Night Light placed a hoof on her shoulder. “You know, she loves seeing Canterlot by moonlight.”

Without another word, Night Light stood up. He walked over to the door and held it open for Celestia, who went through it with her eyes fixed on the ground.


Celestia stopped in where she was standing, suddenly realizing why Night Light had opted to step outside to talk. She lifted her head to see Velvet sitting on a couch in the living room. Suddenly, she had no idea of what to say. The flight from the castle may have left her winded, but the mare sitting before her left her breathless.

“I’ll give you two some time to talk,” Night Light said as he stepped inside. He left for another room as both mares continued to blush at one another awkwardly.

Eventually, Celestia took a step forward. “I’m sorry for how I let things end earlier.”

“Oh, that’s okay. I’m sorry for just laying that on you. It was a bit sudden.”

Celestia shook her head and took another step closer. “There’s no need to apologize, you did nothing wrong.”

Velvet smiled as she gestured towards a seat across from her. “Would you like to stay and chat for a while?”

Celestia looked at the seat she had been offered. She knew it was only polite to accept, but she didn’t want to sit there. Ignoring her fears at being too forward, she sat down on the couch next to Velvet instead. “That sounds like a wonderful idea.”

Clearly, Velvet also wasn’t concerned about Celestia being too forward. After a moment’s surprise, Velvet’s smile was warm enough to put the remainder of Celestia’s concerns to rest. “I don’t know what I was thinking, really. I knew you wouldn’t be interested in anything like that.”

“No? And why’s that?”

Velvet looked at her quizzically, as if the answer was obvious. “Well, I’m a mare for one.”

Celestia returned the same look. “I’ve never told you I’ve had a wife before? I could have sworn that I did.”

“No, I can say with certainty that you did not.” Velvet grinned at the news. She always loved teasing Celestia about her love life, or lack thereof. “But besides that, I’m a married mare.”

“Yes, that is quite different from what I’m used to,” Celestia admitted. “But surely that’s no reason to not make the attempt. So long as Night Light is okay with it, there was no harm in asking, after all.”

And I’m a grandmother. You could easily get somepony half my age.”

“I am positive you know I’m a good deal older than you,” Celestia said playfully. “To tell the truth, I’ve never been interested in younger ponies.”

With every reminder of why they could work, Velvet grew more cheerful. She also closed the small gap between them little by little, so that they were almost touching.

“Well then,” Velvet said, “I’m relieved that this whole business isn’t going to cause any more problems between us.”

“Yes, indeed. In fact…” Why had she thought the hard part had been telling Luna? Celestia could relive that moment a hundred times over and still would not be prepared to say another word to Velvet.

“Cellie?” Velvet leaned closer to her.

Prepared or not, the time had come. Celestia leaned in as well, putting them shoulder to shoulder. “I… I’m sorry, I was too surprised to think earlier. Now that I have, well… the truth is that I’ve always…”

Despite her babbling, Velvet understood. She closed her eyes and leaned forward. Celestia did the same, wrapping her wing around Velvet as their lips met.

“I love you, Velvet.”

“I love you too, Cellie.”

The sound of somepony clapping snapped the two of them apart. They each found themselves on opposite ends of the couch, blushing and not looking at one another.

Night Light approached his wife, who was staring resolutely elsewhere. He kissed her on the forehead. “Okay, I’m getting out of your hair for real this time. Love you, honey.”

He began walking towards the stairs when Velvet grabbed his tail in her magic to stop him. She left the couch to stand beside him, wrapping her hooves around him once she did. “I love you too, dear.”

Night Light returned her hug. “Alright, alright. You two are probably gonna have a lot to talk about, so I’ll be upstairs if you need me.” He pulled away and climbed the stairs, but stopped at the top. “Oh, and Princess?”

“Yes?” Celestia found herself worried again.

“Don’t come back here too early.”

Again, both mares blushed furiously. They heard his laughter distantly until the sound of a door closing cut it off.

“I’m sorry, that must have been awkward,” Velvet said as if she wasn’t feeling just as awkward herself.

“It’s quite alright.” Celestia had no problem with being the source of Night Light’s amusement. She stood up and walked over to Velvet. “So, my sister tells me there’s a lot to see in Canterlot at night.”

Velvet blinked at her. “You mean you’ve never been through your own city after sunset?”

Celestia grinned sheepishly. “No, I’ve never had the pleasure. Perhaps you could show me?”

“Of course!” Velvet grinned as she led them to the door. “There’s plenty to do. There are shops and restaurants that are open all night, art galleries, moonlit gardens, the list goes on.”

“What about theaters?”

“Of course.” Velvet nodded. “Fancy seeing a play?”

Celestia smiled, draping a wing over Velvet as they walked through the front yard. “I do believe I owe you a play. It’s twelve years overdue, but better late than never, right?”

Velvet nuzzled against her. “It’ll be just like old times.”

“No. It’ll be even better.”

Author's Note:

It's official. I've reached a new level of cheesyness with these chapter names.

This story was inspired by the cover art, drawn by the ever amazing How Do Ponies Work?. I can't recommend checking out her artwork enough!

The other thing that inspired this was the total lack of Velestia content on this website. We need to fix this.

Twilight Velvet’s and Celestia’s cutie marks from the chapter headers were made by Greywander87 :twilightsmile:

People who have been following me and my stories for a while now will notice notable similarities between this and Finding Home. This was meant as more of a completely standalone 'what if' type of story, and will not be canon to my Who We Become series.

I’ve got a Discord server, if anyone wants to come check that out (please note that it is a 16+ server, if you are not 16 years old or older please do not join!) :scootangel:

And to everyone, thank you for reading! Feel free to let me know what you think, good or bad :pinkiehappy:

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Very sweet, and honestly the first time I have ever seen this ship before.

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lol this was one of those things where I really just wanted to read this ship, not write it. Turns out there isn't anything on Fimfiction (nothing that turned up by combining the romance, Twilight Velvet, and Princess Celestia tags, anyway). So I figured that if no one else is gonna write it, I'll just do it myself :yay:

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Thank you, I'm glad to hear it :yay: Night Light is a favorite of mine, I'm very happy to hear I did him justice :raritywink:

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Shining Armor: "I'm sorry Princess Celestia, I guess I'm still a little confused as to the exact nature of your relationship with my parents, I know your basically family at this point but something seems, different."

Velvet: "We can get into it later, son."

Night Light: "Now honey, we talked about this, no more keeping secrets. Let's just all live and die honestly. Your mother and I have shared several years together, wonderful children..."

Velvet: "And grandchildren... Twilight?"

Twilight: "What?!"

Night Light: "And being together that long your mother and I have learned a lot about each other, and that no matter what we'll always be there for each other. But sometimes it's important to try new things and to truly embrace the ponies that we are, an opportunity to share and, experiment."

Shining Armor: "Dad, please what are you saying?"

Princess Cadence: "Whatever it is, it is beautiful Night Light, and we support you."

Shining Armor: "Hey, speak for yourself because, honestly Dad, it's like your about to say Princess Celestia is your lover or something."

Night Light: "Oh no no no no."

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Night Light: "No Celestia is your mother's lover. I watch them, sometimes from a chair, or a closet, almost always dressed as Supermare."

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This was meant as more of a completely standalone 'what if' type of story, and will not be canon to my Who We Become series.

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They may have had a few side effects on their kids. A few.

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Thank you :twilightsmile:

I haven't read it yet, but as I stare at this I wrote down a list of first things that came to mind.

Royal Rumble, Springer, family traditions, alcohol(none for Sunset, she went dry Yo). A cool name depicting a royal scandal you would probably read in a checkout rack at Walmart until you realize how it looks, and the old lady behind you just smiles knowingly as you guiltily put it back. Reality television.

So going in blind lets see how many of these I get right, or close.

OK after reading this is quick compared to some of the multi chapter building of relationships I'm used to in this series. However, you leave me with a sort of curiosity only you can answer. If Celestia had a wife already, she married for political reasons, and given old equestrians standpoint on gay marriage. How in the the hay did she avoid such a lasting mark on her name. I could see it elaborately set up as the weekly or daily tea with a friend as the facade the world sees, but eventually someone finds out the truth be it staff or guards in the castle.

Love the story thanks for telling me about it

For sure. Hopefully more people will pick it up, though :scootangel:

All of that sounds exactly like what I would write about :twilightblush: As far as what's actually in the story, I'll leave that a surprise :raritywink:

No problem, I'm glad you liked it and thank you for the comment :twilightsmile:

That was very cute! :rainbowkiss: A few minor errors here and there, but nothing that really took away from the story.
Gotta say, Night Light is awesome in multiple ways. :yay:

Thank you :scootangel: I'm not surprised there are some errors remaining, although I did my best to iron them all out (I tend to make a lot while I'm writing :facehoof:) Happy to hear you liked Night Light, I'm rather fond of him :yay:

This is precious

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it :scootangel:

always loathe to drop it.



Velveetia? :trollestia:

Thank you for the that :twilightblush: The '... Being Honest' one was intentional, since none of their media shares exactly the same title as the human counterpart. Couldn't think of a horse pun for it, so I figured that using one of the Elements of Harmony worked well enough, and that I could more readily see a pony being named Honest Something then Earnest Something (although either could work, so I suppose that's a moot point).

Of course, everything else was an accident, and is fixed now. And I'm glad to see someone caught the Earnest reference :scootangel:

New romance or not, I don't think Velvet and Night Light are looking to have any more kids at their age :twilightsheepish:

Aww, this was really sweet. I was a little wary at first because I'm a big fan of Night Light and Twilight Velvet, and ships involving one of them with someone else tends to treat the other like trash, so I was very glad to find that wasn't the case with this story. I also find poly/open relationships fascinating and love seeing them explored in pony's setting, it seems a lot more viable for them than us humans. Although I kinda wish there was more. Seems like things are just starting here and it'd be nice to see how they grow and develop now, how things go for Night Light after this/whether he ends up sharing his love with another as well, and particularly, how their kids react to it all. Things to think about for a continuation/sequel, at least.

All in all, good work. Bravo.

You don't say..... :raritywink:

I ADORE this story! You are right about about Velestia. It's a ship I never pictured until now, and now I LOVE the idea. You have earned a new follower!

Lol perhaps :ajsmug: I've seen the story around, although I've never read it (nothing against clop, it's just not my thing). In any case, I don't plan on writing them having any more kids.

I do so love both of them (only background characters I'm really attached to, actually), so I know what you mean. Lol I was so worried people would think this was an adultery fic that I spent forever tweaking the description, getting the right amount of pointing out Night Light is cool with it without making it seem like the story was about him. Glad you gave the story a chance in spite of the president.

it seems a lot more viable for them than us humans.

It works with humans too, although it's certainly not for everyone. If course, I'm a polyamorist myself, so I would say that :derpytongue2:

While it's nice to know at least someone is interested in a sequel, I probably won't be writing one. I mainly write a single on going series, Who We Become, which does involve a much more in depth look at polyamory if you're interested in that sort of thing. It's very much real world issues mixed with ponies though, which isn't everyone's cup of tea (this story is a fluff story, as far as I'm concerned, despite some of the drama elements). Working on that series takes up most of my time, and the few times when I write other stuff it's always relatively short stories like this, nowhere near enough room to really flesh out the concepts.

If I were to write a sequel, it would almost certainly focus on telling the family, but it's not likely I will. Truth be told, I just wanted to get people shipping it so that maybe some other authors would want to write Velestia stories of their own. This was very much a case of wanting to read a story that didn't exist, so I wrote it instead :twilightsheepish:

Thank you very much:raritystarry: Hopefully this ship gains ground, it'd be great to have more writers, readers, and artists on board it :yay:

It's always interesting to see how headcanon's work out and I must say that this would be an interesting ship to sail with. I've always supported the whole Night Light and Princess Luna ship idea too, though rare it is. Anyway, I liked this take on it, Velvet and Celestia. It didn't hurt any of the parties involved and the ending wasn't too mushy. I hope to see more of these in the future.

This is sweet and enjoyable. I once had a thought to write a Twilestia comedy where it turns out Velvet and Celestia also had a fling in college, much to Twilight's horror. Never got around to it though.

What's this? A story that doesn't treat Night Light terribly and have him characterized as a jerkass and behind a failing marriage? Velvet and Night Light are actually in love and both of them are okay with this, with Night Light being a pretty cool dude about it? Color me impressed. Far too many stories either vilify or forgo Night Light and I'm glad that's not the case here.

The shipping is adorable and isn't muddled by 'angst'. Everyone is characterized really well and it's overall a great and cute story. I loved it. :pinkiehappy::heart:

*throws drink* A new story by non-other then Krickis?! How did I not see this before?! I must read A.S.A.P! I know what I'm doing with part of my evening tonight, your stories always get me in the feels. - The Shipshelf


I would like to hear more from Night Light's side, who he's into and all that.


And there's the author, no less.

Luna x Night Light. You know, you'd think that ship would've occurred to me at some point, considering it's the obvious flip side to Velestia. I could definitely get behind that ship as well :scootangel:

You know, I don't even ship Twilestia and I I have to say that sounds fantastic. The potential awkwardness that could ensue (from both Twilights!) would be phenomenal :pinkiegasp:

Indeed, maybe someday Hasbro will actually give the parents some real screentime and put an end to such things. Probably not, but I can have hopes. And of course, we'll all get to see how far from canon our interpretations are :pinkiecrazy:

*looks at spilled drink*
I hope you know I'm not cleaning that up :trixieshiftright:

Anyway, this story's only a few days old, I'm not surprised you haven't seen it yet :twilightsheepish: Hope you enjoy it when you get to reading :twilightsmile:

I was going to comment that I always imagined Night Light as hetero, but then that would be a moot point since the same can be said for Velvet and Celestia. So who knows, maybe :ajsmug: Still, if I ever did continue this (and that's not likely) I think I'd keep Night Light exclusively interested in Velvet, since it's more interesting to me. Non-clop poly stories may not be super common, but stories about polyamory from the POV of someone who's involved in a poly relationship but is not polyamorous themself are pretty much unheard of.

That... actually, that could work. I still say a sequel is unlikely, but if it were to happen, it'll absolutely have to include Night Light's POV.

7690767 Well they did get a little scene in The Crystalling. Maybe not that long, but they seemed like a couple of rather pleasant grandparents.

Yes indeed, I was so happy to see that pop up :scootangel: Still, I'd love it if families besides the Apples got a little more exploration. The Pies and the Shys had an episode each, at least (although one of those was shared with the Apples, because family=Apple apparently), so now we've just got three to go :yay:

While reading this, I Believe In A Thing Called Love by the Darkness was p.laying in my head. Neat story.

That seems fitting :ajsmug: And thank you :twilightsmile:

Supportive poly ponies always fill me with glee. Lovely story!

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