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There comes a time in every life where parents have to watch their children grow up and become something great. For Twilight Velvet and Night Light, this is no exception as their daughter Twilight Sparkle is to become a princess of Equestria. But, they must always remember that Twilight will forever be their daughter, no matter what position she holds.

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Dang I have no way to express how to react to this. This was a good tie in the the episode it might be considered a delegated scene if it was in a DVD.

Liked and faved this was awesome

Needs a lot of editing work, but the idea was still fairly good.

Aww. At certain points I was on the verge of tears. I just wonder how it took me this long to find this.


6032931 Ideas are one thing, conceiving the idea is another. That's why writing is a never learning process.

6587335 That makes absolutely zero sense.

A simple but enjoyable fanfic.

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