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(Features Twidash)

There is a new Wonderbolt's show being hosted in Fillydelphia on the ground, allowing all types of ponies to attend. 6 of those ponies being the whacky, chaotic, trouble making Mane 6, who are known to cause madness wherever they find themselves, the Gala being a prime example.

Twilight must propose to Rainbow Dash, amongst doing other things to her..
Rarity and Applejack go on an adventure for a missing ring.
Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie go on a mission and make some cash doing it

As each couple of ponies split off in pursuit of their own desires, each of them end up having a very memorable night at the Wonderbolts show, all for different reasons though.

Chapters (3)
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Chapter 2 is already written, will be out in two or three hours.

Chapter 3 is mostly done as well, so that will be out tomorrow, it'll be the finale.

Looking forward to chapter two!!!! This is very amazing great job!!!

7352887 Didn't know people would care that much lol, next part just got published :)

This is really good. You story is soooo interesting, but give it just a little time for editing, it will be perfect. :twilightsmile:

7352929 sneaky pinkie is sneaky trying to set up flutters with atom

7353965 She's an alicorn in this lol and yeah I thought about maybe making something more out of Flutters and Atom but then I thought... eh whatever.. lol like I just wanted to keep it a short somewhat simple story that I can actually mark as "completed" to have under by belt. The last part is coming out today. I did like writing this though, so I might do a sequel where they get up no good at some other place. Like in the big city ;)

7354137 oh really that's a shame i though it would be longer

D'aw! That was adorable! And hilarious! Well done!

DANG IT!! My parents have restrictions on my phone and I can't read the next chapter!! ARRRGGGHHHH!!! I WAS EXCITED FOR IT TOO!!!

This needs so much more PinkieShy, RariJack, and TwiDash

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