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I come from the land of the green and unknown, from tenth page drop, where the horse words flow.


In another life, they may have threatened the world, but here they merely changed Anon's. It's an odd little family, but he wouldn't trade it for all the treasures in the world.

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My Fimfic browsing is complete. I can sleep soundly after this. What a beautiful story to end the day with.

Foal Star #3 · 1 week ago · · 2 ·

I made a story just like this. Its way longer lol. But cute story keep it up!

This were way to precious for me to start the day with, now the rest of it will seem depressing in comparison. :twilightsmile:

The way you wrote this feels like a lot more telling than showing, but somehow, it works for this story. Still undeniably cute, just too bad we couldn't see them reach their teens, or that it didn't go on until Anon's death of old age.

Shameless self-promotion is shameless.

I had originally written the first part as a sort of extension of a prompt, and then just sort of kept going in that style because I wanted to write a bunch of cute moments rather than digging in for a genuine narrative. I wish I could take credit for the sense of looking through a textual family photo album, but that was entirely accidental.

Aww, what a cute and pleasant read. Loved it. The style worked great for it.

And my heart just melted.

Absolutely adorable. I shall now have a heart attack induced from cuteness and die happy.

Adorable. I'm going to save this for a particularly rough night.

Moony loves to turn off the lights. You've resorted to clap on lights, hooves can't get the right sound. When Moony gets sad, you toss a blanket over the both of you, and cuddle in the eternal night.

Just into the beginning of the story, and I'm already defeated. Curse this cute and adorable story!

Brb going to go die of cuteness, and then have a necromancer revive me so I can read this cute story again.

have a like and a fav
Only my third too

There are no words that can hold as much 'DAWW' as what I have just read. That final line was just so damn adorable and so true too.

Comment posted by karnazom deleted January 11th

Really cute story!

I made the story back in 2016. At this point its just nostalgic.

I would love to see a sequel in any form!

Needs the 2nd person tag.

Thanks for the reminder, edited to be so.

"I'm doing my part; are you?"

Why. This is adorable

Does literally everything you touch turn to gold/get featured? Because I bet you could write the equivalent of a wet fart and it would still get featured, wouldn't it?

As in I found that users comment to completely encapsulate my feelings on the matter, a state of total agreement, a fleeting moment of shared brotherhood and unity based upon the mutual experience of a given event, an awareness and understanding that my feelings and perception of the presented text coincide and match those of the other user.

tldr; I agree with the other guy, it's really good

Beautiful story. It's always nice to come across a story that's cute and adorable.


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