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You name is Anon, and you've been living in Equestria for about five months. For the last three months, you had been working at the Ponyville Day Spa, but now you're working for Mayor Mare. You have been hired as the Assistant Event Planner in training, and it will be your responsibility to confirm the food, entertainment, guest speakers, and fashion gurus for an upcoming Festival. Good luck, Anon. You're going to need it.

This is the sequel to "Lovely Hands."

Chapters (5)
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I remember the original. I actually quite liked it. Honestly, I really can't remember too much of it, but I know it was good.

So far, not too shabby. Pretty nice start, just gotta say the spacing is kinda weird to me. (This is more of a personal preference and I am also reading on a laptop, so I have no idea what it would look like to others). I do wonder what's going on though, in Twilights case.

Perhaps he's just getting everybody way too randy with his hands? I'd like to think so, but ya never know.

All in all, nice start.

Thank you. I have some great plans related to 'what' is bothering Twilight,. :D

wow, that was Amazing!

I really like the part where twilight, kind of blew of Anon, DRAMA.

Thank you!!! :-) I can't wait to reveal what I have been bubbling

I suspect indirect influence from a magical aura that only humans produce. Just my theory.

Trixie trots closer and nudges Starlight with her shoulder. “Do you fee better now?”

Shouldn't that be "feel"?

Anyways, great chapter. Can't wait for the next!

Yes, i will fix it. :) Thanks. You're neat. And i had intended on this chapter going very differently, but once i wrote about the vanity mirror and pictutres, Trixie told me how she wanted to chapter to be written.

You know, its interesting. This whole thing was kinda based off of being an assistant, and I hadn't doubted that any second mind you, but I'm not sure its really come into light how real this is. I mean, if you a general assistant to the town (I know that's not really what he is but bear with me here) you would have to do a whole bunch. It'd be hard as shit and you might not get many thanks for it, but it still means something.

Good job emulating that.

As someone who has been through intense manual labor (Chopping wood then moving wood without a wheelbarrow) I can sympathize with Anon here.

I've read the chapter, but don't have time to comment.
I'll be back and put a little more work onto it!
(So this is basically a placeholder)

Damn this took an uncomfortably dark turn.

Really pleasantly surprised with this story, not at all what I was expecting, but I'm really enjoying it so far. Keep up the good work!

Thank you. :) I appreciate your kind words. :D

Thank you. I look forward to seeing your thoughts.

Also, I have some cool ideas to add in the next chapter, which will lead to a follow up story with this version of Anon. But I want to write a flash cross over short that mixes MLP with Bioshock. :D Be prepared, its going to be awesome.

*** update....
I just checked out of curiosity, and it has been crossed over a lot. I still might one because its fun.

In next chapter, 'The Audience' you find out more about what Twilight's concerns are. :D

Decent story, could have stretched the plot out a bit more in my opinion, felt really rushed. Especially the last half of this chapter. But still decent.

Thanks . I will say that this is the second installment in a series. Patrick will be back, and there is more in store for this version of Anon.

Holy crap, this was something! Ok, so, at first I was going to yell at you for not putting the dark tag on this story, but the way you did the ending...gah, I can't even think straight right now! So good.

Btw, Patrick, is it wrong that I only see a certain starfish when I read his name? But besides that I think his character is an interesting addition to the story.

Speaking of story, I can't believe you're doing more of this! You my friend deserve a fallow. I'm looking forward to more.

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Thanks man. I am glad you enjoyed it. :) I tried to make it so that going forward, people can put their own OC's into the story because of what happened. :) Thank you for the follow.

barest of all nodes.

nods :raritywink:

Well, this took an unexpected and semi-tragic-but-pulled-through-at-the-last-minute twist! :pinkiegasp:

Also its be nice if Zecora could see her old friends again, seeing as they are right in town...

Buy yeah, not the sequel I expected, but I enjoyed it nonetheless!

Hey! I'm glad to hear that you still enjoyed the story. :D I intend to write more through this anon's experiences. :)

Looking forward to it! Following ^-^

OK... liked your stories until this chapter, this felt very rushed, you tried to introduce so many plot twists along with an evil villan at the last second and it feels very...cumbersome.

damn sparkle butt is on anon's ass!:rainbowlaugh:
but why? hmmmmm.....:rainbowhuh:

DID NOT EXPECT that VERY DARK PAST about humans on this.....:facehoof:

it almost made me hate twilight!:twilightblush:
need to revise tags on this (i think):twilightsheepish:

I enjoyed the prequel alot and generally was enjoying this story, not a fan of these last chapters though.
I wish you and any future stories you write the best of luck, even if I wont be reading them.
Thanks for the story and as said I hope things go well for you. :twilightsmile:

Man, overstraining his muscles is going to hurt in the morning. This feels like he should get in a bath filled with ice cubes to feel better. It’s never a good thing to keep pushing until you want to vomit. There’s a reason why in the first place there’s pain in order to get some gain.

I have to be honest here, this felt like a clickbait. From the tags I was fully expecting actual slice of life. And it was until Twilight shows herself being all grey. At first I thought the problem was him going home after the events from the previous fimfic. But no, you brought this plot twist. I can see why there are a bit of dislikes against the like ratio. And while the commenters are quite nice and constructive. I was in emotional turmoil, firstly confused on why this is happening, then angry at the utter stupidity of the choices all of these princesses have chosen to deal with the problem. And finally Rage from blantent xenophobia and murders from the events. Man, I just want one of these vortexes bring in a spirit of vengeance (ghost rider, spawn, or doomslayer) and fix this stupid injustice towards humans. Seriously with this mental thinking from the ponies more (cannon) villains would have just been killed. My inner blood marine is just screaming for vengeance against these xenos.


After writing my pent up aggression, this could lead up into a more darker turn if this gets a sequel. So far the vortexes aren’t fixed, Anon may get a pony name and twilight might erase his human memories. After all Mr. & Ms.Cake has seem to forgotten theirs or Twilight may have forced them to secrecy. Not to mention good ol Patrick may still be around. There’s potential to be had here, idk what do you think.

Wow, let me tell you about this time a sequel to a light hearted semi-comedy fic went full retard... No offense (maybe a tiny bit) meant but, what the hell?! This was so painfully jarring that I had to double check that I didn't accidentally missclick and end up on another story. Random gear shift into edgy dark human equestrian history with mind wipes and OOC soul splitting princesses and "suddenly a pony" dropped in. This went from being a story I was really interested in to just outright confusion... Sorry but hard dislike on this one... And FFS, please remove the comedy tag, can't really think of a single part where it's warrented... Damn.

“It’s not that I’m angry with you specifically, it’s the situation I’m not pleased with,” Twilight said.

“The situation?” You ask.

Ghost Busters - Biblical Proportions

You, sir, have created a unique and interesting story.

Now all I can do is wait for a possible sequel - though with the understanding that this would be a perfectly acceptable ending as well.

Egad... This makes me want to hate Twilight. And I love Twilight!

You've heard of the duality of man. People can end up good or bad, depending on how their inner strength stacks up against the external forces influencing them. From watching the show, I'm pretty sure that ponies also have this duality. It feels like the poor human in this tale is a scapegoat, just because he's different. The way he is dealt with is brutal.

Loved the slice-of-life stuff. Rarity was adorable as ever, as was the Apple family.

Well...that got quite a twist. Really fucking nice thkx

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