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This is a MLP and Bioshock cross over story.

Big Mac is a Big Brother, and he is tasked with guarding his Little Sister, Apple Bloom, as she goes around to collect Spark. They wander through the ruined underwater city of Canterlot, and the whole place is a bitter shell of what it once was. Things are getting really dangerous, but still.... Big Mac has one job... to keep Apple Bloom safe.

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Yes, please. And I would like to read a continuation of this story concept. It's quite original from the other MLP/Bioshock crossover stories that I've read for awhile. :twilightsmile:

Thank you. Its good to hear that. :) My vision of Canterlot is that it was an underwater 'paradise' where ponies could conduct arcane research. Rather than ADAM and EVE, there is SPARK and Magic. A bitter disagreement between Celestia Ryan and Luna Ryan exploded into a massive civil war, and the entire city descended into madness. And with the addition of Atlas, things in Canterlot are sure going to be interesting.

If I get more likes and 'yes, pleases', then I will start exploring Canterlot, and adding to the dark depravity of a new world.

i am glad you liked it.

Dat bioshock? :)

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