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Let's face it: When toonami was announced, we all jumped up out of chairs and cheered. When it was confirmed and it broadcasted on live televsion, we nearly fainted because of how utterly and completely awesome it was.

For people who used to watch toonami back in the day, and to those fans who did and still worship the almighty Tom, I welcome you to the group of dedicated Toonami fans!

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I'm trying to write a fanfic where someone is displaced as TOM 3/3.5 I have it all set up but am having trouble with one thing you see I noticed a distinct lack of good images for the Absolution MK.II. SO I am having trouble deciding whether to use the Absolution MK.III or The Vindication as a replacment
BTW this is Tom 3/3.5

Anyone remember Swayzak?

413417 Make TOM sing "Feelin' Good" (Starsong's version). He has a beautiful singing voice after all. But TOM is really sexy and all the ponies would want to bang him. That'd be real weird...

Some needs to make a story where TOM and SARA end up in Equestria; maybe tie in with Intruder 3

TOM 5 (with new arm) is by far my favorite TOM. Among losing his ship, his arm, & his girl he was still able to get a new building, a new arm, & reconstructed Sara, all while still broadcasting Anime for the people of Earth.

I kinda wished there were a "TOM 3 version" of TOM 4's team that shows up and helps reconstruct the place... or just show up. Sara can still be with them before being reassigned to TOM 3's creation/brother TOM 3.5 to protect her. Like his secondary program is downloading Sara's back-up. When TOM 3.5 takes up the mantle, he has a new body in the works to become the TOM 5 we now know. I got TOM 3 and TOM 5 confused. :twilightblush:

That would be cool. I mean, they've already had TOM 4 and TOM 3.5 communicate with each other.

I barely remember TOM 2 & 3 but what I do remember fondly as a kid was my brothers disliking TOM 4. Here's a fitting video for the group/occasion.

btw Toonami Intruder III is coming up. I can't wait! :twilightsheepish: Speaking of... Let's look at the last time we saw that goop in this awesome adventure! :rainbowkiss:

Toonami could make anything look epic, even Hamtaro:

(Liking this show back then is like liking MLP FiM today.)


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