We want To hug really bad but haven't and most likely never will:raritycry:

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You can make a mixed tape with her pet songs!

406801 I take it that you found it? Or at least the "Dear Princess Celestia" turn signal one?

406798 Simply google it. It's easier to find than the mentioned vine post. Some of her posts are complaining about idiot drivers in her many voices.

406797 ... :rainbowderp:... :rainbowlaugh: I need to find this!

406796 I learned from tumblr. She made this dumb song with Bubble's voice that I can't forget.
It's something about a Bubbles doll hiding in bras because Mojo is- I kid you, not- "Mojo is scared of boobies so I'm hiding in your bras!"

I cringe at the thought, but it was funny.

406790 Wait, she has a Vine account?:pinkiegasp: WHY DID I NOT KNOW THIS?!

She has a Vine account.
404255 I know and she constantly uses those voices!

404255 Me two! Id do anything to hug her!:fluttershysad:

This is one of my favorite voice actresses in existence!!! Not only her voice, but the characters she portrays are all freaking amazing!!!:rainbowkiss::heart:

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