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Jake Witt

I'm not just reading. My stories have "idea" but no "form" or "function". I'm just an armored guy riding a Robot Dino-Dragon; fighting a dark paradox man thing. I don't remember if I'm a robot.


In December my laptop would’ve been broken for a year.

Well, I’m going to test my iPhone’s text to speech to talk about pony types that need more spotlight.

We’re talking hybrids, high breeds, miracles in disguise, and freak of the week! It’s what’s on the inside that counts but can friendship survive on the outside?

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This story is a sequel to The Great Fandom Man!

(Reading "The Great Fandom Man" is optional but the "Soft Reboot" section is needed. Context/Key: I had a good thing but I stuck it to an idea I couldn't realize.*)

After bringing balance to the two-headed moon princess; Twilight Sparkle, Tiny Spark, and Spike decide to live in the Ponyville Golden Oak's Library. It has everything they need! A library, a bedroom loft, a kitchen, a basement, another library, cookies on dowels, two bathrooms, stairs, and a hole in the ceiling containing an unreachable pocket dimension.

Did they mention the giant gaping hole and the pocket dimension inside Voltron's head?

What mysteries does it hold? What is a Cuban Pete? Whose voice is that? Where did it come from?

* If I do continue Lego Craft's story... well, the tables will turn. Lego Craft ruined Fandom Man's main role chances. Now Fandom Man ruin's Lego Craft's current existence. There's no breaking the cycle. It is made worse since I gave up on the Lego Craft and Box reboot. It is because of this that my badly connected universe is being drastically altered like a pot of good and bad ideas mixing.**

**Lego Craft is the key. His original story and reboot- both will not be finished or canceled- and Fandom Man's forced connection to both versions have screwed time-space. Especially with Season 5 finale meeting Season 1. There's no perfect copy since they're both My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

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You've lived through so many lives, got kicked out of every afterlife, and somehow managed to be tossed out of Hell. You've been every being in existence, but finally you're done living and dying!
...you never wanted power, but the power everyone strives for is in your... grasp? You didn't ask for this...

Congrats. You are a delicious muffin with any name you want or think you want. You may or may not be OP so you might get nerf'd. You will travel within the TARDIS and do anything your... strawberry heart desires. Prepare to love and hate everyone with a passion at the same time and adapt to your surroundings as you survive!

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Meet the main 6!
Applebottom Jeans "Apple Jack".
Rarity the Marshmallow or Pillow.
Fluttershy the Tree.
Rainbow Dash the flying Human.
Pinkie Pie... the "What?"
and Twilight the Book... wrong book.

Watch them fight for Princess "Oh god, it burns!" and save... NotEquestria!

I forgot if I was going for comedy or crackfic.

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This story is a sequel to A Boy and his Box

My name is Jake Witt... or is it Lego Craft now? I'm here to live my brother's dream to be in Equestria all while living my dream to be Steve? from Minecraft. Luckily I'm still ginger and my creation mode powers can make up for my terrible endurance! ...I'm not supposed to say that last part, am I?

I have an ax wielding Mine Little Pony! His name is Box Hooves... for obvious reason. While my powers can get boring after a while, he knows how to spice things up! How? Minecraft MODS, that's how!

Join us as we fight monsters, find bosses, make friends, bake cakes, have sleepovers- Hold on...

Request Anything Below!

Canon Mods so far:
Mine Little Pony
DNA splicing
House Things
Battle Gear 2
Sync Machine
Deadly Swords
Mini Me
Secret Doors
Portal Gun

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"Can anybull hear Iron Will?"

In a world similar to they're own, Bulk Bicepts a.k.a Saddle Ranger and his sidekick Iron Will the Mini Minotaur have to protect an alternate Equestria and find out how this world's version of themselves died... or went missing.

All while fighting the Maneiac, rouge fictional heroes, returning the sun to end an eternal night, and fighting other bad guys Rainbow Dash's friends forgot to stop. "Wait. What happened to them?!" You'll find out soon.

This is meant for experimentation. It isn't meant to be liked unless liked.

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I'm the best of the best. Would you like proof? BronyCon, your territory and we fight high noon. But first, let me take a SELFIE with that merchant.

In a world of ponies and magic, one kid in a horrendous costume becomes a man... sort of. Follow Oscar Conners "the Fandom Man" on his journey, struggling in a world of d'aww and gods as he comes to terms with his life. AM I A BRONY?!

"He is mix of TV, gaming, movies, comics, and web comics in a pack of armor!"

"Cortana! Don't tell them that! They could be spies..."

"No, its the internet. We worry about hackers."

"You mean that green guy off Cyberchase?"

"Let's go with that."

"Anyway, I need your help!"

"Type anything you want us to do and we might do it!"

"Keep it clean though, I'm not some dancing monkey."

This is in the same world/universe as A Boy and his Box so watch out for references and crossovers!

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2021 Update. New Sonic writing project.
Sonic has nothing to do, Doctor Eggman is in jail, everything is like yesterday, heck, the canyons he trains at are nothing new! Well, good thing a hole in space-time sweeps Sonic into a new adventure in a pony land!
Unlock friends, foes, vehicles, and items!
See here for characters.
See here for gear.
Meet the Mane Six!
Meet Sonic the Hedgehog... twice! And help him rescued himself!
Meet Sonic's friends and rivals! ... and siblings?!
Discover secret factions Sonic will probably not learn about!
Discover secret groups Amy will find!
And who is the villain behind Time Eater?

Explore Equestria to save it from being erased and colorless with the help of the Elements of Harmony ponies.

Explore Canterlot High as you try to stop three teenage girls from ruling the world with the power of music! Why does that sound familiar?

This story has canon and past canon characters. i.e. Sonic's siblings from Sonic Underground.
All OCs are slightly altered versions of regular characters and are altered for plot convenience... or just because of Shadow.

I am not consistent in these things above.
There's also secret chapters you can access with the code: Shard the Metal Sonic.

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A new newspaper arrives in Ponyville, The Smelt Forge and one of the writers is Gabbygums. Though, if its not the CMC behind these articles... then who is?

Note: I made an alternate version. Its the exact same story, but edited by a website. Let me know which one is better, ok?

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Jake has been in prison for a while now and recently Princess Luna was sent to the moon. With a creepy moon and a quiet life, there's hope in storage and an annoying sun goddess.

Short Stories from this story ---> A Boy and his Box

Attention: Short stories I make on free time.

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